How to select project topic! - Read this!

First off, I guess it was already mentioned in the Quick start guide that you're not supposed to use SMS language when typing in here.

That said, on to the topic at hand. I won't be suggesting specific titles for you but will suggest some directions you may want to take.

First, your topic should be beneficial to a large number of people, meaning whatever your concept is, it should find application by a majority of the public. This makes it interesting for the teachers (and high marks for the students).

Second, it should be practical. By practical this means it should serve a meaningful purpose at the least expense and hassle to the user all the while being useful for some daily or routinely done activity . Point in case: the idea you downloaded, "CONTROLLING PC'S MOUSE POINTER USING A TV REMOTE" would fall away from the practical side. Ask yourself: how many people would want to control their pc with their TV remote? For what purpose? You're watching TV and then suddenly you want to browse the net? On the other hand, more people would like to control their home appliances with their PC. So you may want to see where that direction goes.

Third, your project should be something within your technical grasp. If you've got a background in, say, assembly language, it wouldn't hurt to do stuff containing microprocessors in the parts list. On the other hand, if you have no idea how to program a PIC, then you're better off looking for other projects than having a hard time explaining to the panel how the machine takes the instructions and interprets them.

These are just basic suggestions, I'm sure there are others who have more to add.

Good luck.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Very nice post, CWB. I'm moving it to a new thread. Thanks for posting this.

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