How to run a 32 bit application using a program in C

first of all, hello everyone there!!!
im glad to be a part of such an eclectic group of people..😎
there's a problem thats drivin me crazy :
how do i run a 32 bit application(say narrator.exe) using a program written in C ?? cause everytime i try it, it gives me a msg: CANNOT RUN THIS PROGRAM IN DOS MODE


  • MaRo
    EDIT:wrong answer sorry.
  • prabhat kumar
    prabhat kumar
    yes u first first install the c software.and set to window if u use borland software then u go through option there u got result.
  • mahul
    Try using a 32 bit compiler for your code like microsoft visual studio. That should solve your problem.
  • nakul dhande
    nakul dhande
    thanks a lot to both of u!!! i got it😁

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