@pradeep.pawar • 12 Apr, 2012
We are having 250 GB Iomega external HDD which has an encryption utility which works only in windows and doesn't works in ubuntu or mac so we want to remove it, even after formatting it doesn't goes. Please help.
@Ankita Katdare • 13 Apr, 2012 pradeep.pawar What all things did you try till now?
@pradeep.pawar • 14 Apr, 2012 only formatting and tried to uninstall,if we found it in add/remove programs
@Anoop Kumar • 14 Apr, 2012 Is there hidden partition for encryption utility?? plug hdd and see in disc management if there any partition for it. you can delete and merge all external hdd into one.
@Reya • 14 Apr, 2012 pradeep.pawar Why don't you chat with them and clear your doubt?

Let us know if you have fixed it after chatting with them.
@pradeep.pawar • 16 Apr, 2012 ianoop:there's no hidden i suppose or may be the partition been hidden by them.
Reya:thanks for the suggestion, i will let you know here.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 16 Apr, 2012 Could you tell us a bit more about the encryption utility in place? Is it iOmega proprietary? Could you try and find out how is it installed in the drive?

Also, did you try to format the HDD using windows or uBuntu? Tell us how did you do it?
@pradeep.pawar • 16 Apr, 2012 • 1 like @big_k:it has an in-built encryption utility extension .exe so it works only in windows run the utility type the password and it is then available for storing data, it can't run in ubuntu as we wanted to open the hdd in linux or mac but as we can't run the utility in them so we want to remove the utility but we are unable and we have returned it back i suppose to our client, when you login the utility then its available for formatting or if you forget the password theres an 25 character serial number type it in utility then reset your password but the main disadvantage is that all the data is erased so its very useless any one can easily delete your data if he/she knows this.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 16 Apr, 2012 I want you to try this: -

First run the encryption utility and then see for any options, checkmarks where you can disable encryption. If you find any such setting, uncheck it and then try deleting the partition in which the encryption is installed. Should work.
@pradeep.pawar • 16 Apr, 2012 There are no partitions the utility is embedded i think because i didn't find any partition i tried a lot.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 16 Apr, 2012
There are no partitions the utility is embedded i think because i didn't find any partition i tried a lot.
You won't find partitions. Just try disabling the encryption and then format the disk.
@pradeep.pawar • 16 Apr, 2012 there no way to do so until i login theres no space to store the data
@pradeep.pawar • 16 Apr, 2012 ok thank you.
@AbhishekBiswas • 16 Apr, 2012 Well , can u mount the hdd and check its contents in ubuntu or mac !!
@pradeep.pawar • 17 Apr, 2012 only the utility contents
@AbhishekBiswas • 17 Apr, 2012 Ok . Can u try removing it from there and then format !!
@AbhishekBiswas • 19 Apr, 2012 did it work ?
@Vivien.hugo • 19 Apr, 2012 How about reinstall your OS? Or find a tool help you to delete the program. Or shred it.

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