How to prepare for IIT JEE 2012?

Those of you, who are taking the IIT JEE in 2012, please share important tips, suggestions and advice on how to prepare for IIT JEE 2012.


  • Ashish Bardhan
    Ashish Bardhan
    Start practicing papers in Winter Holidays, if you've revised all the PCM concepts.
  • TheRajAryan
    The winter holidays are over now! I guess one really needs a crash course to do anything now.
  • Shalini Sharma
    Shalini Sharma
    Cracking the JEE Advanced 2018 needs one to have a very well-structured study strategy.
    It demands the students to be academically strong as well as have other skills like analytical skills, time management, exam taking strategy, and situational intelligence. Here are some tips to help for JEE aspirants.
    • Students need to know about syllabus and exam pattern very well.
    • Do not skip any topic. Remember that all topics that are mentioned in the IIT JEE syllabus are important.
    • Leave all the tensions. Sprucing up self-belief will help you to bolster your position in this critical period. Remind yourself of the things you do well.
    • Solve the last years JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper and mock tests. It increases your speed of solve questions and you get an idea which type questions will be come in exam.
    • Go to sleep for at least 7 hours but do not exceed 8 hours of sleep each day.
    • Stay relaxed, yet focused. Temperament plays a vital role for success in JEE Advanced. Nervousness can decrease performance to such an extent that a student who expects and has the potential to get a top rank in JEE Advanced, fails to even qualify.
  • Ankita Sharma
    Ankita Sharma
    The competition level for IIT 2018 examination has become so high as compare to IIT 2012. As at that time the appearing student are less but now a days smart study is best choice for IIT JEE Preparation.

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