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How to open .drg files?

Question asked by ramana_slv in #Coffee Room on Jun 8, 2010
ramana_slv · Jun 8, 2010
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how to open .drg files? Posted in: #Coffee Room
ankesh.cs2007 · Jun 9, 2010
Rank D2 - MASTER
Re: videos

DRG is a file extension associated with VLBI and Tied Array Drudge Tasking Document
anooppl · Jun 12, 2010
Re: videos

The DRG file type is primarily associated with 'AllyCAD'(CAD Design Drawing) by Knowledge Base. AllyCAD is a professional CAD package with advanced functionality and integrated Toolkits.

When windows gives you an error message saying that it
"Cannot open DRG files", this means either:

A. You need to identify a program that can open the file
B. Or your registry may be damaged

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