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ms_cs • Jun 10, 2009

How to open a applet, when opening the notepad file

I want to create an application that displays one applet window, when we attempt to open an notepad file. Is it possible ? How to do that ? [I want to do it in java]
shalini_goel14 • Jun 11, 2009
Just check the event associted with 'opening a notepad file' (there are many ways for opening a notepad file -opening from code or manually from the system). If you know that then an applet window can be displayed based on it.
ms_cs • Jun 11, 2009
Now I post my question clearly,

while working in windows xp, one java file should always running in memory. That should monitor for the event, "opening notepad file, (any file)". When I am opening, ie when that event occurs it should display the applet.
ms_cs • Jun 11, 2009
How to do this?? Post your Ideas CEans

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