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VICTOR_jha • Aug 11, 2008

How to make check on the people creating risks for the compa

I really want to know that is there any previous check that can be done on the people taking loan from the company who might cause a risk to the company in future. As few of the cases in last few months have been noticed with such wrong implementations I don’t want such kinds of issues in my future work experience.
Suggest me if anyone can, about how to keep a check on such people?
Differential • Aug 11, 2008
How about creating a list of people names who have already created problem (black-list). Check if the person seeking loan is black-listed ! Also you can refer black-list of other companies if there are any.
AARON • Aug 11, 2008
You can make sure of the occurrence of risk before allotting loan to anyone. It has become very necessary in today’s circumstances to keep a preview check on anyone before giving him a loan so as to avoid future problems of recovering the money back in case of any risk or fraud. For this I will recommend you a investigation and management service which deals in risk management activities. Your issue to have a preview check will get resolve very soon.

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