How to install ubuntu software center on linux mint 16 cinnamon?

Tried sudo apt-get install software-center command in terminal.

This what I get:
sudo apt-get install software-center
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Recommended packages:
update-notifier software-properties-gtk
The following NEW packages will be installed:
0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 95 not upgraded.
Need to get 0 B/429 kB of archives.
After this operation, 2,990 kB of additional disk space will be used.
Selecting previously unselected package software-center.
(Reading database ... 161061 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking software-center (from .../software-center_13.10-0ubuntu1_all.deb) ...
Processing triggers for gnome-menus ...
Processing triggers for desktop-file-utils ...
Processing triggers for mime-support ...
Processing triggers for man-db ...
Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme ...
Setting up software-center (13.10-0ubuntu1) ...
ERROR:root:DebFileApplication import
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/db/", line 4, in 
from debfile import DebFileApplication, DebFileOpenError
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/db/", line 25, in 
from softwarecenter.db.application import Application, AppDetails
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/db/", line 28, in 
import softwarecenter.distro
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/", line 204, in 
distro_instance = _get_distro()
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/", line 179, in _get_distro
module = __import__(distro_module_name, globals(), locals(), [], -1)
ImportError: No module named linuxmint
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/sbin/update-software-center", line 38, in 
from softwarecenter.db.update import rebuild_database
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/db/", line 33, in 
from softwarecenter.backend.scagent import SoftwareCenterAgent
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/backend/", line 28, in 
from softwarecenter.distro import get_distro, get_current_arch
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/", line 204, in 
distro_instance = _get_distro()
File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/", line 179, in _get_distro
module = __import__(distro_module_name, globals(), locals(), [], -1)
ImportError: No module named linuxmint


  • [Prototype]
    distro_instance = _get_distro()
    File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/distro/", line 179, in _get_distro
    module = __import__(distro_module_name, globals(), locals(), [], -1)
    ImportError: No module named linuxmint 
    There's the problem. The installer script is trying to recognize your distro. Your system returned "linuxmint" which the installer script doesn't support.

    I am not aware if there's any exact alternative to this problem, however, as a general approach, I would find if there are any supported distro in the installer which are pretty similar to the mint. Then, edit the script where it's calling _get_distro and replace it constant value of that similar distro. So for eg. if script have something like tails distro is supported, I would edit it so that it looks
    distro_instance = "tails"
    This will continue the installation assuming the distro to be tails.
  • Abhishek Rawal
    Abhishek Rawal
    All you have to do is : 1) rename script with
    2) edit the line which is giving error with LinuxMint in the py script
    3) gksu gedit /etc/*release it should contain distrib id & codename of ubuntu only, don't change it to Linux mint's.
    4) gksu gedit /etc/*issue it should be like 'Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l' since you're using Petra.
    5) update xapian-apt
    6) try reinstalling.

    It will work.
    BTW why you want Ubuntu software center in Petra when Mint have their own app center ? 😨

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