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kuldeep sidhu
kuldeep sidhu • Sep 11, 2007

How to install Linux?

how to install linux plz tell me?
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Sep 11, 2007
Re: linux

kuldeep sidhu
how to install linux plz tell me?
Use a liveCD version ie a bootable CD like Knoppix or Ubuntu to save yourself the trouble of installing it (and if you are apprehensive about using it).

If you are sure about installing it, then it is extremely user friendly, all you have to do is read and follow the instructions given in the installation guidelines. Some distros like Mandrake, Suse, Ubuntu are so user friendly during installation that you can start the install and go for a cup of coffee and come back to find that linux has done its necessary job 😀.
mahul • Nov 15, 2007
while installing linux keep track of 2 things....remeber to add swap space and mount ur fat partitions if u r doing a custom partiton n check out the packages u r goin' to might need some experience...cntct me if u hv any prob

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