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@TechyGuy • 25 Jun, 2011
I am a programmer. I love to write code, but many times i fall short of logical skills. I am not too good in logic , and new creative ideas don't come often. 😕 How to increase creativity in programming without help of pre-defined code and book examples.
@BCA_GIRL • 25 Jun, 2011 For this purpose, take some questions. Then to solve those problems think about the various ways to solve each problem.Then take the problem one by one. And after that convert your idea in coding. But remember don't get satisfied with only one program for one problem. Try in max ways. Then at last compare all methods.
Its boring sometimes, but if you did it 3-4 times. You will got interested in this method. And you will see that your logics are getting better now. Be confident. Nothing is impossible. All the best. 😀
PS : Please try it atleast 3-4 times regularly with confidence. You can do anything.
@Pensu • 25 Jun, 2011 Just one tool: Practice. The more you practice, the more you get to know new ways to solve a problem. And yeah as BCA_GIRL said it may be boring sometime, but as you love to write code, it shouldn't be a problem....😀
@complearner • 26 Jun, 2011 Man for getting command you need just practice and to before making any new concepts first try to rebuild the already developed projects and softwares.It will help a lot.
And for creativity you have to explore other projects and softwares beacause when you see the different ideas and concepts than only you can vision above it and than you can think , how you can improve it.
And now change the way of looking anything.Just whenever you see any software,just think that what logic they would applied on it and how is the data flow and all. And if you would be able to apply this thinking in real world identities than that will benefit the most.
This helps a lot in programming and creativity.
@PraveenKumar Purushothaman • 27 Jun, 2011 You can find many unsolved programs. Try solving them by hand and then find a logic from there. At first you may make mistakes. 😀 This is Learning by Experience.

And another approach is Learning by Solution. You can see similar problems, which are already solved. Try to find new logic from them. 😀
@jaxrobinson • 28 Jun, 2011 You should always think many times before making any decision.You should be good enough in your logical thinking.
@eternalthinker • 28 Jun, 2011 Trying to solve simple and gradually complex example problems can spice up your logic.

The best way to do this without getting bored is to code some simple games, or part of them. You'll get exposed to a number of logic situations this way, and it's quite interesting to see the result 😀
@Arjun Walmiki • 01 Mar, 2014 dude i thing know you r expert can you share you experience
@simplycoder • 04 Mar, 2014 • 1 like I am not sure how relevant my post is in this context.

But if you want to shape up logic, try these teasers.

1.)Factorial of 100 and above.
2.)Prime numbers till 1000, then try to find primes till 100000000
3.)Sort 10 numbers in ascending, then try 100 then 1000 and then 1000000 numbers. from an array random numbers, shouldn't take longer than few seconds.
4)Magic squares.
6)Knight travel.
7)8-Queens puzzle.
10)Minesweeper solver.

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