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How to improve efficiency of IC engine?

Discussion in 'Mechanical | Automobile | Aeronautics' started by nidheesh, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. nidheesh

    nidheesh Newbie

    How to improve the efficiency of an ic engine?:)
  2. Rohan_sK

    Rohan_sK Apprentice

    This is a very generalised question and can have a detailed answer with many points to mention. But here are a few basic ones.

    1. Have the proper ratio of the A/F mixture, neither too lean nor too rich. Keep it close to the Stoichiometric ratio. Richer mixtures increase the CO2 and NO2 emissions.

    By the way these days there are Direct Injection methods and also the mixture ratio is controlled according to the speeds dynamically by chip driven systems thus improving efficiency even more.

    2. Maintain the Higher Compression Ratio but not too high to cause a knock or what is called a Detonation. Keep the proper balance, for Diesels its around 24:1 or so.

    3. Use a good quality Engine Oil. It assures lesser wear and also reduces the danger from the carbon particles if any. Improves the life of the Engine.

    4. Keep the emissions from the engine in controlled limits.

    5. Use proper gear ratios and transmissions to get maximum torque from the produced power.

    6. Keep the overall weight moderate.

    7. Proper tyre Pressures and good quality tyres without much wear can help a lot improve the efficiency overall.
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  3. mutley

    mutley Apprentice

    Four things you can do / combustion effiency/volume effience/thurmal effiency and friction ( sorry about spelling as i write them as i see them, dixlexia long story)
    i will be loseing the 2nd piston ring to help reduce friction and polish the in side of the engine block and cutting the camshafts so 2 pistons fire togeather to get the touque up and lossing the 4 vavel head for a 2 vavle job from a cvh engine.
    will add more but getting my gril ready for school.
  4. To improve or to increase the diameter of the cylinder to improve the efficiency of an ic engine:happy:
  5. mutley

    mutley Apprentice

    The larger the volume the harder to fill VE would drop off. that's why thay use lost of small one's
  6. ankit bapat

    ankit bapat Apprentice

    can anyone explain technical modifications in the engine to improve the efficiency not the precautions of using an engine to do the same
  7. Efficiency of IC engine can be increased by providing a ionizing field in the combustion chamber making the combustion process more rapid. By this the actual cycle tend to the ideal cycle where efficiency is increased.......
  8. ankit bapat

    ankit bapat Apprentice

    if we consider the problem in terms of thermodynamics
    then we should concentrate on how less we eject the heat energy from the exhaust and how can we utilize more heat to convert it into work
    i.e. heat at sink is reduced
    automatically the efficiency increases
    above concept is the base for all researches for improving the efficiency
  9. the heat rejected to the sink can be reduced by the rapid burning,,,, ie giving less heat transfer period....
    This can be done by giving ionizing field....
    i think even a small projections on the electrodes can give the ionizing field, without much complication..............
  10. chaudhary mayank

    Engineering Discipline:
    we can use morden technologies , i mean we setup to increase oxygen % in air fuel mixtue ti increse efficiency :mrgreen:o_O

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