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@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Apr, 2015 • 7 likes
If you are scared to read the entire article because it looks VERY LONG, this article is meant for you. The whatsapp addiction is apparently becoming more dangerous than other common addictions like tobacco, cigarettes or alcohol. I found myself addicted to twitter and decided to get over that addiction immediately because I found out that it was wasting my valuable time, delaying the things that I must be doing on priority. I even found out that I've had periodic urge of checking out what people have posted on twitter or whatsapp group. I'd then open the app and keep checking all the updates until the time I found out that I've already wasted a lot of time.

I think I've come up with a definitive guide to getting rid of whatsapp addiction, or for that matter - any type of addiction. I've fixed my twitter addiction by following these pointers and hope you will, too. Because you should.


I'm 100% sure that this is the most critical step in getting over any addiction. If you skip this step and directly jump over to the other ones, nothing else will ever work. The step is very simple: Acknowledge that you are addicted to facebook / twitter or whatsapp. If you don't acknowledge, you can't get over that addiction ever! Easy, right? But 99.99% of you will NEVER admit that you're addicted. I wish you the best!

Finding A Better Addiction: Right! You need to feed your brain with an addiction that will help you. Your brain must be constantly engaged into something that facebook / twitter or whatsapp will look like a distraction from something extremely interesting! Now what could this new addiction be? There are several choices - and I bet you've never ever imagined that they'd be interesting. Here are a few examples which you think are extremely boring, but only when you start exploring - you will find them interesting viz. reading books, learning to play a musical instrument, starting a side business, learning to cook (without posting photos of your new dish facebook for recognition of your achievements), learning a new programming language. If nothing works - meditation right at your office desk. I bet it's super more useful to your own life than checking crappy messages forwarded by people.

Most of the things I mentioned above would look very boring - because you never tried them with the passion of an explorer. But if you ever do - you'll discover an entire new world; that will make you feel fulfilled; which no whatsapp / twitter / facebook can. It's a feeling that you will have to experience to really understand what I'm saying.

This is how you are wasting your own life​

If you can't uninstall apps: People are averse to uninstalling the social apps from their phones - because almost everyone thinks that the apps ARE a way to keep up to date with friends. If you can't - why not simply decide a time, say before you go to bed, to check all of these apps ONLY ONCE in a day? I'm sure 99.99% of the times, you won't miss anything important. That's a great tradeoff for feeding our brains with useless motivational messages forwarded from the Internet. Do you agree?

Start a business: Everyone secretly dreams of having their own business and earn lot of money. Why not give it a serious thought and start a small business, part-time? I know you work 9 to 9 and are left with no time; but that's where the first challenge is! Start something that looks impossible and experience how your own belief that 'I've no time' is destroyed.

All of the above is for those who really want to make their life stories interesting for real, and not having to fake it on Facebook or whatsapp. I'm curious to know if this article made sense and if you've decided to do something about it? Else, I've already wasted my time and energy in writing this article; I can't take it back even if I want.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Apr, 2015 • 4 likes ...forgot to add:
  • Immediately like this post - without reading.
  • Immediately share it with your Facebook Friends and get likes to feel extremely good.
  • Sincerely feel that the above post wasn't for you because you don't have WhatsApp addiction.
  • Go check your mobile, there must be someone who wants your immediate attention. Enjoy life.
@Koushal Patel • 09 Apr, 2015 • 2 likes Adding to your note, requesting folks to calculate the amount of time spent on these websites per day, then per month and then per year. The result will blow our mind. And mind it, it is the time we devoted to these stuffs per person!
The time could have been spent in other things as mentioned in the article.
I have also lost a lot of time in these stuffs, and trying to move from spending times on these websites to something more fruitful.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Apr, 2015 No one will calculate that because no one ever thinks that they are addicted. I've also found out that most of the people don't have anything better to do in their life; for real.
@Ankita Katdare • 09 Apr, 2015 As mentioned in the post, it is very difficult to acknowledge that one is addicted to their smartphone or Facebook timeline.
And once that is done, it is very tough to continually push yourself to do something that involves "efforts", but doesn't involve "entertainment". Very, very, difficult.

People tend to regard entertainment as a part and parcel of their daily lives. And from that comes the needs to watch YouTube videos or liking random pages on Facebook or reading Tweets from celebrities and politicians.

++ Efforts -- Entertainment = Super productively spent days!
@Satya Swaroop Dash • 09 Apr, 2015 • 1 like The best thing one can do to get over this issue as you said is to allocate time for things like WhatsApp and Facebook. My suggestion is to switch off notifications from applications and only check them out during these times.

- Morning commute

- Lunch time

- Before bed.

One also has to be very very careful of not engaging in activity. It has happened to every WhatsApp user. Imagine you have somewhere to be at, at a party or meeting and you suddenly receive a chat from a friend. You reply back and you find that the conversation is going on for more time than you expected. You are not ending the conversation thinking that the other person might feel angry. That is the time you have to set your priorities straight and decide whether you want the conversation to continue or stop it. It will be particularly tricky when you are in a WhatsApp group but once you put your foot down remember to stick to it, and not go checking the chat minutes later.
@Anoop Kumar • 09 Apr, 2015 • 1 like
Kaustubh Katdare
Finding A Better Addiction: Right! You need to feed your brain with an addiction that will help you.
Only and 100% effective way to get over any addiction.
After spending time on facebook/twitter/whatsapp, you know you are just wasting time better spend on some hobby even if it looks like waste of time.
Join the Facebook group with your hobby rather than staring on other's selfies and status comments.
Join some different the forums of your interest.
@Ankita Katdare • 17 Jul, 2015 • 1 like Looks like I need to share this post with way too many friends of mine.
Uninstalling the app isn't a good idea as it can be a real life saver when you want to connect with distant friends and relatives. Controlling your own use is what is needed.
I get way too many updates and notifications whenever I switch on my WiFi or Data. It seems in the 12 hours we didn't switch ON the app, the world did nothing but write text messages on WhatsApp. Mostly it is some kind of stupid forwarded message that no one cares about.

Sharing this post right away! 👀
@Shen M • 07 Sep, 2015 • 2 likes Hello guys,

Glad to find your discussion, i found myself addicted to these useless apps, checking day night whats happening and engaging in useless conversations.

I just uninstalled the app, you cant just deactivate data, you'll be attempted to reactivate it and check, its even worst when u have a crush using these apps.

So now that i have some valuable time to invest and it looks like an engineers forum, i want to start an engineering degree, ideally a distance one.

This degree/diploma/certificate will help me boost my career in a tech company (I did a business school but type some web code from time to time)

If anyone have some link and some info it will be very welcome 😀

And finally thank Kaustubh for the article, its a real problem in our society to spend the most valuable thing we have (time) to apps holded by companies who waste lot of money to encourage this addiction
@nagadeep nemuri • 07 Sep, 2015 • 1 like hi guys

Its very good to see your post on all social apps,its becoming disturbance on regular life and if that time is spend on talking to family members and (sports other activities from this activities we can be healthy fit.)
I have also wasted time on this apps.ThankQ so much for sharing this information Kaustubh Katdare.
@Ankita Katdare • 23 Sep, 2015
Shen M
I just uninstalled the app, you cant just deactivate data, you'll be attempted to reactivate it and check, its even worst when u have a crush using these apps.
Couldn't agree more this.

And good for you! Great to see you using your time time productively.
Shen M
So now that i have some valuable time to invest and it looks like an engineers forum, i want to start an engineering degree, ideally a distance one.
@Bhavna k • 24 Sep, 2015 • 2 likes One can login to quora can start learning knowledge and is a question answer what's app doesn't provide us knowledge..but using quota one can learn new things, have discussions for advice's about anything in ur life....
@Ankita Katdare • 01 Dec, 2015 @Bhavna k That's the truth. You really need to spend time doing productive things. Else nothing gets achieved at the end of the day. From what I understand of this discussion. You have two choices. You always have two choices. What you pick decides what kind of day you'll lead.

@Debasmita Banerjee • 07 Dec, 2015 • 1 like
Bhavna k
One can login to quora can start learning knowledge and is a question answer what's app doesn't provide us knowledge..but using quota one can learn new things, have discussions for advice's about anything in ur life....
I would add stack exchange definitely with quora!!
In stack exchange one can gather as much info as they want in detail but yeah,it's kinda more strict in their terms. But its handy as well, like quora it comes in smartphone application format as well.
@ybrahim • 08 Apr, 2016 I am reading this exactly one year after you have posted this. I wish I had read this an year back and saved a thousand hours. Although these social medias do let us share some positive information, there is a lot of character it has killed in a human. These days people have forgotten to interact with another person socially, but good at texting in the social media. Things that donot suit the general sense of humor can be easily shared in the group and sarcastically hurt others.. So many more. I too got over this Whatsapp addiction recently.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Apr, 2016 Quora can kill serious time as well. I strongly feel all the people should start maintaining balance between Internet and serious physical activities like sports, dance, zumba, running etc.
@ravishankar.yellapragada • 09 Apr, 2016 • 1 like My suggestion is use the old mobile phones which doesn't support these apps.
I am doing the same before getting addicted to them.
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 11 Apr, 2016 • 1 like Addiction, I got addicted to facebook for 1 month , and i decided to get over it.
I check facebook after coming to office and will stay on it for a long time. (switching windows) ofcourse.

What i do now is , I have many unanswered questions about the work i am doing so i think about that question while coming and i will search for the answer . That helped me not to open facebook as first thing ! Now i am approximately spending 10 mins on Facebook and all other social networks.!
@Vinay Mishra • 24 Jan, 2020 • 3 likes

First of all a big Thank you to @Kaustubh Katdare. This thread is really important for our generation.

All the points above are good enough to get over the addiction of Whatsapp or any other social media.

Let me share my experience, When I was in my 11th standard I got my first android phone as a gift by parents for getting good marks in board exams. I started using social media to connect to and talk to friends. I was using Facebook so much. When the result of my first term comes, I got failed. My parents were too disappointed that I am not focusing on studies and wasting my whole time using the phone. I too was disappointed because it was the first time I got failed. I started analyzing myself and found that I am using Facebook too much. It was about 8-10 hours a day I was using Phone/Facebook.

I found a solution. I promised myself that, for the time when I am using the phone, twice the time I have to read a book. That means if I am using the phone for 1 hour then for two long hours I have to read a book. That book was "A Monk who sold his Ferrari"(My father got it in a press release function.) I kept my promise and it was a tough time of two long days. I followed the rule. After some days I started taking interest in that book. I started reading the book continuously even without using the phone. I realized that reading books is more worthy than scrolling newsfeed on social media.

Keep yourself busy. Busy in making yourself better. That's the key.

@bill yorke • 24 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

To stop any kind of addiction, one daring aspect is key, ELIMINATE THE SUPPLY. Ask yourself why are addicted to WhatsApp, why do you want to ride the addiction? These two questions are key, you cannot get rid of something when you don't have a compelling conviction and justification of the need to get rid of it. This simply means acknowledging the problem the problem. 

Back to eliminating the supply, which contents have kept you glued to it? Is it news, forum discussions? Or what because the app in itself is not the problem. If it is groups you have joined with unnecessary postings and bursting with notifications you have to leave those groups. If it is unwanted contacts then block them. If you can't manage any of this then uninstall the app. But in doing this, you create a void therefore you need to come up with compensatory activity to avoid being psychologically dragged back to the pit. You can register for a class especially learn a new language, watch documentaries, get to enjoy your hobbies such as football, try programming among others. I believe this could be helpful, only with a disciplined mind and true of purpose.

@Ramani Aswath • 24 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

I will be ever grateful to William James, the great American philosopher and pragmatist. The chapter on Habit in his book "Principles of Psychology" (pub. in 1890) helped me to get out of what I considered a hopeless nicotine addiction (~200 cigarettes a day) way back in 1967. I never smoked after 21-03-1967. Curiously it was the third day of the third week of the third month of 1967. Till then I tried various ways to get out of that habit. None worked.

One must quit cold turkey. We do use WhatsApp a lot at work. But other than technical work, I keep out of idle chats, forwards and such even in close family groups other than forwarding of some important information of relevance. I do have an FB and Twitter account. Not used for more than two years.

@Kavya Burramolla • 24 Jan, 2020 • 4 likes

Great that I saw this thread. Thanks @Kaustubh Katdare for posting very useful article. I've personally experienced what impacts one will face with addiction to the apps. Sad part with addiction to social media is that when we start using it and get addicted, it takes time to realize and sometimes realization comes only after its consequences and ever after the realization most of us fails to admit and correct it.

In my view the reason what attract people to social media is usage of the apps by the surrounding people. When I was 18 and my parents were planning to gift me a mobile phone and the first thought that ran in my mind when I heard that I will be having a mobile phone was to create Facebook, WhatsApp, other social media apps not because I know how to use it and its features but because all my friends are using it and they are enjoying it. This is the misconception most of the teenagers and youngsters have. I started using the mobile phone knowing that people will be addicted to it very soon. And slowly without realizing the fact I was also into the same category of people who's mind was controlled by mobile phone and apps in it. It was not that I chat or text people more over WhatsApp or making many friends over Facebook but just spending time in exploring something or knowing something from news feed which is some time unnecessary and that distracts focus. 

I've been in a situation if mobile was not there then that day was considered as a black day to me, without any fun, depressed, mood off and all. There was a day where I moved to the remote place where there was no internet and even there were many people around me but I was not enjoying being myself with them. I, then realized the fact that I've addicted to the phone and apps so very much that I am not enjoying the present moment and with people around me. Admitting the fact I've decided to free myself from this addiction of apps. I, then deactivated my Facebook and decided to activate it only when I feel like I've missed some good stuff over it that I cannot get from other sites(That never happened, every useful stuff is available on many sites) and started using WhatsApp in the way that is actually designed to use that is for data sharing that to useful stuff. I realized the time saved after doing this was the time I generally take for preparing for a semester and very much surprised with the results. And made a habit of dedicating spare time on knowing innovations, advancements, ancient science and finally end up reading books. One interesting thing I noticed reading books is once we start reading, it takes up so deep that we start visualizing the characters in the books. I make myself in the situation and analysis what would I be doing if I was in that situation and this helps me a lot. It makes me forget the time so that's the best thing I can do when I want time to pass. Again anything in surplus is always dangerous. 

@saandeep sreerambatla • 24 Jan, 2020 • 3 likes

After getting over facebook which was long back, these days I am regularly going through ,

  1. Linkedin
  2. Stackoverflow
  3. CE

I think 1 was for connecting and having useful articles, but these days people are making that also as a mess, lot of hatred there as well. But still its possible to find useful content on Linkedin.

Stack - I am on data science stack exchange and I see there is a lot to learn even for smaller algorithms. So thats one of my best past time.

Next CE, I am regular here :)

@Chebet Sarah • 28 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

You start by deciding that you actually seriously want to get rid of this addiction that is clearly starting to be a menace in your life. After you are clear on this, you are definitely on the right path. Take your phone and turn off all WhatsApp notifications from the settings. 

This will help you stop looking at your phone all the time to see who has sent you a message which is highly likely not that urgent or important. 

Audit all the groups you are part of and exit and delete all the ones that you deem useless. Block all those people that you feel a need to talk to all the time. You don’t have to talk to them all the time on WhatsApp, you have their number, block them and then call them every once in a while. 

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Remember, it is those people you are addicted to and WhatsApp. Without those people on WhatsApp, you will not care much about it. 

Hide WhatsApp on your phone and schedule specific times when you will look at it. You could install some nice games to play when you get bored and want to go on WhatsApp. 

Find a hobby that you will enjoy and will make you a better person.

@Ashraf HZ • 28 Jan, 2020

To be honest, I was very addicted to CE during my university days more than a decade back ? Then just got busy with other things in life. 

But er... somehow these days starting to post more again. Should I cure this before its too late? ? 

@Swarup Pan • 28 Jan, 2020

There are various ways one can get over whatsapp addiction.

But the most important thing that one needs is the will power and a goal.

There are apps called self control where you can set the timings when you can use whatsapp and when you must not. Set the times accordingly. It would block the whatsapp between discarded timings even if you try to open it.

If you even delete the app it wouldn't allow you to open WhatsApp between blocked timings.

This is one way you can start. But the ultimate thing that will lead you to your desired goal is your will power.

@Divisha Madupalli • 12 Feb, 2020

The first step of decreasing the WhatsApp addiction you can start with removing notifications start with removing the notifications of the group chats then slowly with personal DMS  then spend your time on what you feel is a better alternative - sing, dance, jog, date or whatever. 

Developing constructive hobbies like photography, reading/writing novels. 

If you have an interest in programming, you can try to do coding and develop useful utility software.

It takes complete 40 days to get habituated or adaptive to something so if you want to refrain yourself from using WhatsApp then taking the 40 days self course is one of the best ways I can suggest.  

Make micro-goals. For example “I will not use WhatsApp for next 30minutes. Achieving small goals will give you confidence. 

Meet new people, learn new skills, there is so much you can do. 

Exit from non-purposeful groups.

@Karshil Sheth • 12 Feb, 2020

I used to read a lot. Whether its book or novel or anything, I read something and something. It was a routine for me and I did spend less time on whatsapp chatting and other mobile activities. I was able to increase my memory and concentration level doing such things.

Also playing outdoor games helps me to be away from smartphones and gadgets, so this is how someone can start leaving addiction of phone. In starting it will be difficult, but regular practice after 21 days, you will see the results for yourself.? 

@bill yorke • 13 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

Well,it is by all accounts an intense assignment to totally dispose of its enslavement. Be that as it may, I am telling barely any ways which I have done and works for me. Trust will work in you as well. 

I won't state erase the application as it isn't workable for you I think. First you can do is this that expel the whatsapp alternate route symbol from your principle screen since when you won't see it each time you get your telephone, odds are that you would burn through less time on it. 

Second thing is that at whatever point you get another message,you will feel inclination to answer to message when you get them, yet for what reason to do as such?. The other individual can pause. :) Though if it's dire, you can react promptly however in any case stay away from to such an extent. ( I follow this one more than different focuses :) ) 

Quiet the warnings of the considerable number of gatherings you have joined up until this point. As leaving the gathering is anything but a decent option,your companions may get injured by this. So just quiet the notices. 

I think facebook is sufficient for photograph and status sharing. Whatsapp is a stage for talks so restrict it to that just and abstain from changing photographs and status regular. 

Additionally you can abstain from sending jokes, pictures to everybody in your contact list. On occasion it is alright however making it in every day practice isn't acceptable. 

Attempt that you would check your whatsapp after consistently and only one out of every odd single moment. By doing this, you would not burn through your time and furthermore you would be interested while checking it following an hour's hole. This is a poise practice and will likewise help you in other beneficial things.


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