How To Get A Job At Google

For software & IT engineers, Google is the dream company to work for. And why not? Google has been leading the innovation on the Internet for many years now. In addition, Google is known for their awesome campuses, free food for all employees and perks that make your friends jealous. But it's very tough to get into Google. The interview process comprises of several 'elimination stages' and you also need to be an expert in the domain. Following are few tips on getting selected in Google -


The summary of the points is as follows -

1. Be smart.
2. Even if you are not a CS engineer, have a great understanding of how computers work.
3. Be good in college exams. Good SAT score and GPA are must haves.
4. Belong to a prestigious school as Google loves to hire from top ranked engineering colleges.
5. Do something extraordinary.

So, how many of you want to get a job in Google.


  • optimystix
    optimystix out of contention as I do not fulfil most of the pre-requisites 😛
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    optimystix out of contention as I do not fulfil most of the pre-requisites 😛
    I'm guessing the criteria for getting into CE Team (once we start full time hiring) will be to demonstrate your abilities and get in. No degree required, no certificates asked for, no prior experience necessary. 😀
  • optimystix
    waiting for it to roll in 😀
  • jigneshthegreat
    i m doing comp engineering from vjti, mumbai. can i get in google???
    Looking at the video, yes you can Jignesh 😀 . Just do some really different* projects and you can easily make it. 😀 God bless you. 😀

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