@Ankita Katdare • 15 Sep, 2012
A lot of CEans are writing to me asking for sponsorships regarding their engineering college techfests. There are no ready made answers for this either, but if we all discuss the best practices for finding sponsors for the college events, we might give some good tips to the students. Every year there is this mad-rush of students with hunt for sponsorers.
Some of our old CEans have shared some really useful tips/advice and ideas here -

From what I've seen happening in my college, students generally prepare a letter draft that lists down the basic details of the event and what all activities will be conducted in there. A separate page of the letter speaks of the companies/institutes/shops will benefit by sponsoring the event. Then target companies that you think would benefit from exposure to 60,000 students. Are they going to be on a t-shirt? Poster? flyers? Are there any local tech companies? If there is a local hook, Companies will have a better reason to sponsor. Once you have this list you could drop off the letter in person, and follow up with a phone call or in person again.

Some CEans have asked me in the past if they should contact the companies through emails? or What is the best time to pitch-in the prospective companies/institutes with sponsorship proposal?

What do you think, folks?
@Ankita Katdare • 29 Jan, 2014 Looks like a lot of people are looking for suggestions on this.
Your comments are valuable, people! Please share your opinions and suggestions.
Tagging some people here -
@SarathKumar Chandrasekaran, @Ajay Pandey, @Shailaja Tiwari, @Anoop Kumar, @Anoop Mathew, @Manish Goyal, @Keerthivasan R, @Blvn Lakshman
@Anoop Kumar • 30 Jan, 2014 Thanks for asking me, but I didn't participated as organizing member in fests.
But, in our college arranging sponsors and financial matter was the responsibility of local guys.

It's other fact that I didn't get my prize money😖
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 30 Jan, 2014 • 1 like Its true that so called big colleges easily get sponcers and sponcers are ready to pour more money to get easy ad on t shirts and banners but most govt colleges and small private colleges suffers a lot in getting sponcerships.
In our college we used to get sponcers from CAD centres, project centres, etc.If you are very well in convincing , It would be well and good.
You can get sponcers from MNC's if you have any reference.

In our hostel day celebration, We listed out the names of stores who supply groceries , cylinders,,chicken, etc and ask them sponcership.
If you cant get money , Try to convince and ask them to sponcer stationery items necessary for fest.
Mainly convince them about the advertisement they would get from sponcership.
@Ankita Katdare • 17 Aug, 2015 I think we should have a solution for this built up here on CE. Companies are eager to promote in colleges and event organizers in college are dying to get sponsors. There's just too wide a gap in this and for years together no one is coming up with an answer.

I am wondering what kinds of problem do organizers face when conducting these events and especially when contacting sponsors. Anyone would like to share an experience? We can come up with a solution for all here.
@tida • 09 Dec, 2015 ankita you have a great skill on this ,
need to talk on this if u can provide ur email id

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