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@santosh.aherkar • 25 Jan, 2008
If I want to built a wall of say 10' X 10'. Considering the brick dimensions as 9"X4"X2.5" & wall width 1' (correct me if i am wrong in case of dimensions) , how many bricks will i require? You can change dimensions as per your convenience. FYI, I have to built a new house so to estimate the total bricks i need this calculation. If needed u can contact me on
@Prasad Ajinkya • 28 Jan, 2008 Santosh, this is based on simple mensuration.

First you need to find the total surface area of the house, then you need to determine how thick a wall you will need. That gives you the total brick volume.

Then just divide that by the individual volume of a brick. Ensure that both the quantities are of the same unit (Cubic CM is advised).

Round off to the nearest round figure to accommodate wastage and breakage.
@engr.khawar • 16 Feb, 2008 hi my friend.first your dimensions for brick is is 9"x4.5"x3".now first u find the volume of is .0703 cu find the volume of your wall which is 10'x10'x1'=100 cu ft.the no of your bricks are 100/.0703=1423 it is the no of bricks for 1 wall of dimensions of 10'x10'x1'.hope it will be answer.
@VINAYAK PADMANE • 03 Aug, 2016 Is there any standard set for brick calculation?(like for 1cum = 500 nos please reply me asap.)

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