we can interface LCD to micro controller and we can display the desired information
similarly is there any opportunity to interface loud speaker to micro contoller and produsing desired voices es . plz anybody help me here .


  • J Biswas
    J Biswas
    1) Easier way - There are ready made ROM with voice encoding available. Enabling a particular memory location, produces a specific sound. Use your uC to control them.
    2) Tougher way - Save voice using codec to memory, and read back individual characters to make desired voices of various pitch and intensity. Read documents from TMS DSPs (Mfg. TI) to make your own solutions. They supply the complete development kit.
    We made 2) long time back, but never went into production. Now we are opting 1) for simplicity and price.

    What is the end application?
  • dileepkiran
    Thank u j Biswas
    1)what did u mean by uC in the second line ?
    2) And my end application is simple i.e i used to produce my own voice back
    so such device is used in my home appliances.
  • J Biswas
    J Biswas
    uC = micro-Controller
    Use ISD IC to save and store voice for upto 60 secs.
  • dileepkiran
    once again thank u very much.

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