how to do serial communication

hi, this is zatin singhal. actually i want to do communication between two computers using serial port, basically a non IP based communication. It is possible in all languages but I m trying this from 10 dayz but abhi tak i dont get any success. can anybody ther to helpme. i vl b vry thank ful to him/her.


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    1) Take a RS232 cable.
    2) pin number 8 in one side should be connected with pin 9 of the other side
    3) Connect them.
    3) This is com port 1.
    4) If you are using C, you will get result only in win 98 or xp. not in vista
    5) you can use java or .Net for other windows system.

    Set_ComParameters( boud rate, bit rate) etc,
    another end should be in receive mode while you transmit from one PC.

    full duplex is not possible.

    anything else?

    PS>>> in both java and .Net code is readily avilable
  • magnatron
    hyper terminal communication is not a havoc. try connecting the Rx pin of the first machine and the Rx pin if the second machine. open the hyper terminal in Xp and sent the text to the second PC. the pic outs of the D9 type connector is attached.

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