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joti • Feb 16, 2013

How to develop useful android apps?

i am student of final year with stream computer science.i want to make a project on me what are the new about andriod & how we make new apps which is usefull & having more benifits.
Building Android apps is very simple and straightforward

You can use Phonegap framework, it requires no coding knowledge nothing else just simple HTML, Javascript, jquery

Basic instructions to set up code through phonegap can be found easily on google

If still any doubts , feel free to ask
joti • Feb 18, 2013
thanks for answering my questation but still i have problem i want to make the final year project so i want the new inovative & latest ideas related to andriod,java,security,recognitation etc.I want the project name which are not come in the market.When I am interesting to know and learn the androids application development, I need complete details about the languages. Any kind of suggestion is greatly accepted.
If know any type of new ideas plz answer me.
joti • Feb 18, 2013
i want the new technology for working my major project in android. can u please suggest the latest development in android which help me making my project,please explain in detail.give me more new ideas for making the project on java,andriod,security,recognitation ect.plz suggest me thename of topics which i make to show my project good & best.
Think Simple

Let me giive you a problem, if you can find solution

I want to buy a laptop, before buying it, I want to finish my homework regarding my knowledge on latest technologies, I have few words on my mind say samsung, acer, HP , so I will search on google, and will search for reviews on these, now I have lot of information in my mind

I went to vendor and he just threw his unlimited suggestions on me take acer, lenovo, samsung blah blah.

Now you are confused, so Can you solve this problem?

I hope you got what I am trying to convey?

dossdss • Feb 21, 2013
hello goyal420
I am in electronics stream, doing work on bluetooth interfaced with microcontroller, i want to develop 1 simple application in android for giving commands to my microcontroller via bluetooth of my android phone.
so can you plz help me with it ? i mean how should i start ? i dont know java but good in 'C', and have gathered the stuff like eclipse and sdk etc...😕
how should i begin ...give some directions please.

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