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@arjun srivastav • 28 Oct, 2012
I want to delete a folder but when I try deleting it, I get a message that says "The action can't be completed because the file is open in UDisk Monitor." Does anyone know what exactly is a UDisk monitor and what does it do?

How do I delete this folder? The name of the folder is mBlaze UI and it's a setup for the net setter connection.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 28 Oct, 2012 UDisk monitor service is likely installed by the MBlaze Net setter. You might have to disable the service. In order to delete the folder, first disable the service from system task manager and then delete the folder. If the service is running in the background it will prevent the folder from being deleted.

A generic way of deleting the folders that you can't otherwise delete is to boot your operating system in the 'safe mode' and delete the folder.
@arjun srivastav • 28 Oct, 2012 thank u sir ..........😀
@[Prototype] • 28 Oct, 2012 Are you sure its safe to delete that? If you use the device, you should not delete it otherwise it may cause trouble using the device.
@manishks • 29 Oct, 2012 you can do one more thing! There's an app 'Unlocker'. It identifies the process using a particular folder or doc. Also there's an option of killing those processes. I think unlocker must be helpful. 😀

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