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How to build audiometry software by using Visual Basic

Question asked by clubmed7 in #Coffee Room on Jul 13, 2009
clubmed7 · Jul 13, 2009
Hello everyone..actually my supervisor want me to do this project for my final year..who can teach me how to build the audiometry software by using visual basic or labview..??this audiometry software will be link to the audiometer..anyone can help me please.. Posted in: #Coffee Room
MaRo · Jul 13, 2009
Rank B2 - LEADER
Basically there are few basic steps in like these audio projects

- Signal reading (what is the digital format of your sound wav,mp3...etc)

- Signal Analysis - it varies from just reading the signals amplitudes to more complex algorithms according to the sounds you are wiling to detect

- Graphical representation - the output numbers from the signal analysis being drawn as spectogram.

You've to answer the following questions to know the actual steps for your project.

your software will be connected to a hardware like a mic for example that receives the surronding sounds & your project is to analyze sounds intensity?

- Will you measure amplitudes over time or your software will detect more sound components like frequency, phase or harmonics?

- What the nature of the sounds you are willing to work on? pure tone, complex tones, speech or music?
clubmed7 · Jul 16, 2009
Thank for reply..

- Signal reading: All format wav,mp3, etc
- Signal Analysis: 1.Develop an air conduction hearing test using pure tone
threshold audiometry on PC
2.Test must conform ANSI standard

- Graphical representation: 1.hearing level versus frequencies
2.display normal or sever level
3.pass or fail
4.suggestion for fail such as avoid from high
volume of sound
5.Result can be print out

My software will be connected to a hardware called audiometer that receives the surround sound and analyze sound intensity but determine separately left and right ear.
- This software will measure amplitudes over time and detect sound
components like frequency.

- The nature of the sounds that i willing to work on pure tone which is
single frequency with range 125Hz to 8kHz

Hope you can help me with all of this..Anyway im newbie with Visual Basic software..

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