How To Be A Good Computer Science Engineer?

can the ce genius sitted here suggest me hw to groom myself to be a good computer science engineer...the things i should do and the things i should avoid. m a 1st year student


  • Pensu
    @ayusha: A computer science engineer is one who makes the life of people easier by using his knowledge related to computers. For us theory is as important as applications. Programming languages are our biggest weapon. Learn the concepts, do practice as much as u can, make codes and have fun. And one more thing, dont try to avoid mathematics, coz its a joint deal. If you want to be a good computer engineer, you have to be good in mathematics.
    So, dont worry much as you are in first year. Have fun and enjoy your studies....๐Ÿ˜€
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    ayusha patnaik
    can the ce genius sitted here suggest me hw to groom myself to be a good computer science engineer...the things i should do and the things i should avoid. m a 1st year student
    Small but effective tip: First: Always keep looking for latest Open Source developments on the Internet. Second - Try to take up small software projects on your own and then try to work on them on your own.
  • gaurav.bhorkar
    I wrote #-Link-Snipped-# related to this some time ago. I hope you'll find it useful ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • ayusha patnaik
    ayusha patnaik
    thank u so much for ur valuable replies...m really obliged for the wonderful advices....๐Ÿ˜€
  • vivekp26.1
    Welcome to our field.....
    Firstly you should be proud of being a Computer Engineer.....

    You just concentrate on the basics of each subjects. Understand the concpets and don`t try to mug up the things.
    Try to find out which you like most e.g. Java, NetWorking, C, C++.

    Try to be updated to new technology inventions.

    We are to help you.

  • vinci
    Well to become a god computer engineer,first of all believe in your self.Trust your self as this would a long life tool you need to keep.Believe that you are made for building softwares,playing with networks ,developing good softwares simple. Do excercise both physical and mental to be prepared in time .It sounds good to be an engineer but holds a very hard path to follow upon .Dont get upset by failures as the path is full of hurdles to break let you down.DO stand firmly in front of them .
  • gaurav.bhorkar
    read this article -> #-Link-Snipped-#
  • Rezan
    computer science is a very interesting field, bcoz we are human and its our nature we are going to make things simple and easy, this simplicity can be made by programming languages or networking and internet and computer science ...etc..
    so while u r in first stage dont worry ,step by step, by passing time u will find out that u really learned more ,learned something which u didnt know when u were started studying computer . just believe in urself ,always repeat infront of urself that u wll the best computer engineer, u will be the one who u like. Also remember : listen and learn from everyone sometimes from a small kid u will learn something new which u didnt know or u didnt care before.. dont say i know this when they tell u few info just listen sometimes in repeated info u will find out something important ... hope u interested in my words..... ๐Ÿ˜€ have fun and best of luck ^_^

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