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How to apply for internships immediately after 2nd year?

I am currently in my second year and am anxiously looking for a short term training/internship right after completion of my second year, perhaps for two months. I need to know the core knowledge aspects the recruiters might look for and also for the future.
Hi Ayush,
In general, There are two big "seasonal" internships which take place in different institutes through out the world, namely Summer and Winter internships, where not only companies rather all the biggest universities open their recruitment process of taking interns. And most of them have a time span of 8 weeks. From my experience I can only say, try to understand your interest and where would you like to see yourself in near future ,definitely considering pros and cons. If you have a small group or mentor discuss with them or if alone,CE is all ready to help you to take decisions. See,ready made stuffs are never good and getting good things ain't a cake work. But there is always a pretty good chance if you do enough homework before jumping in. After getting a clear view of your interest, you can start filling as many applications as you can to gain more chance of getting selected. When filing application put your best effort in cover letter,essay and resume as needed. Also try to contact your favorite professor in your college,he/she might give you an awesome recommendation or have good contacts. Remember, networking is the second most important thing you require after your "academics and skills".
Here is a link where moderator @Ankita Katdare has posted some research related internships.
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Also Google about Stanford Summer school, Cern Summer intern for some great opportunities. Good Luck 😀

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