how orkut found???????

The True Story....

A guy lost his girlfriend in a train accident....
but the gal's name nowhere appeared in the dead list. This guy
grew up n became IT technical architect in his late 20's, achievemnt in
He hired devlopers from the whole globe and plan to make a
software where he could search for his gf through the web...
Things went as planned...n he found her, after losing millions of dollars and 3 long years!!

It was time to shut down the search operation, when the CEO of Google
had a word with this guy n took over this application,

This Software made a whopping 1 billion dolar profit in its first year,
which we today know as ORKUT.

The guy's name is ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN. Yes its named after him only. Today
he is paid a hefty sum by Google for the things we do like scrapping. He
is expected to b the richest person by 2009.

ORKUT BUYUKKOTEN today has 13 assistants to monitor his scrapbook & 8
to monitor his friends-list. He gets around 20,000 friend-requests a day &
about 85,000 scraps!!!

Some other Cool Facts abt this guy:
* He gets $12 frm Google when every person registers to this website.
* He also gets $10 when you add somebody as a friend.
* He gets $8 when your friend's friend adds you as a friend & gets $6
if anybody
adds you as friend in the resulting chain.
* He gets $5 when you scrap somebody & $4 when somebody scraps you.
* He also gets $200 for each photograph you upload on Orkut.
* He gets $2.5 when you add your friend in the crush-list or in the
* He gets $2 when you become somebody's fan.
* He gets $1.5 when somebody else becomes your fan.
* He even gets $1 every time you logout of Orkut.
* He gets $0.5 every time you just change your profile-photograph.
* He also gets $0.5 every time you read your friend's scrap-book & $0.5
everytime you view ur friend's friend-list

I got this info from wesite


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    This is the mail which I keep on receiving every alternate day in my mailbox. It would be nice if we refrain from posting information which has not been authenticated by trusted resources.

    -The Big K-

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