How many types of tie knots are there? Answer: 177147!

Knotting a tie is tough business; unless you really master the art. I guess there are about 3 established ways of tying a tie knot - 'The Four In Hand Knot', 'The Windsor Knot' & 'The Half Windsor Knot'. Have you ever wondered how many different ways are there to knot a tie? Calculation the number of ways is no simple math and it took quite some time to figure that out. A team of mathematicians from the KTH Royal Institute Of Technology developed a mathematical model to figure out the exact number and found out that there are 177,147 ways of tying a tie!


This isn't the first attempt at figuring out the right answer. In 1999, researchers at the University Of Cambridge tried to come up with a model that showed there would be about 85 ways of knotting a tie. Check out their research on the source link below.

Source: #-Link-Snipped-#

What do you think? How many knots do you know?


  • Yogesh Borkar
    Yogesh Borkar
    Great...I would love to learn all types of knotting a tie...After all its a

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