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@rengaraj • 01 Dec, 2009
Sir / madam,
My question is

Suppose 8 monkeys take 8 minutes to eat 8 bananas.
a. How many minutes would it take 3 monkeys to eat 3 bananas?
b. How many monkeys would it take to eat 48 bananas in 48 minutes?

The Solution is
a. 8
b. 6
How it is possible any steps please ...

Advance Thanks,
{NIT 11/2007/Pg 2 (Infosys Part-1)}
{On this forum my 14th Question.
@accoolaryan • 02 Dec, 2009 your answer are
a.8 monkeys ate 8 bananas in 8 minutes so each one of them eating one banana in 8 minute so three monkey will take 8 minutes as they too eating one banana each. should be 8 too because 8 monkeys can eat 48 bananas in 48 minutes
as each will eat 6 bananas in 48 minutes so they will eat 8*6 = 48
@rengaraj • 02 Dec, 2009 Sir,
Please give logical reply. How we can say 6 ?
@yadavundertaker mohit • 02 Dec, 2009 one monkey eat one banana in 8 minutes...

a) so for 3 monkeys they will take 8 minutes to eat 3 bananas..

b) total time taken =48 minutes
time taken for 1 banana = 8minutes

no. of monkeys = 48/8
@vishnu priya • 02 Dec, 2009 first one should be 8 minutes because the time taken for one banana is 8 minutes,
therefore three monkeys eat three bananas each i n eight minutes.
@vishnu priya • 02 Dec, 2009 second question::time to consume a single banana is 8 minutes therefore in 48 minutes six bananas are consumed by six monkeys!
@rengaraj • 02 Dec, 2009 Hi yadavundertaker,
How you feel about this question ?
But you solved it very quickly. Good....Really finding a tough question for you is an challenging task for me.
@yadavundertaker mohit • 02 Dec, 2009 these questions are simple you should check this link ....

this is really a nice thread for puzzles

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