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@Tanuj Palghamol • 27 Jun, 2011
I currently took admission in College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India for M.Tech Mechatronics.

I would like to know the opportunities of doing this branch.

Also if anyone could provide me with placement details of CoEP, or the various kind of job profiles that i can get in Mechatronics, that would be just awesome..

Kindly answer soon..

@Ankita Katdare • 29 Jun, 2011 Hi Tanuj,

This thread might be of some help to you:
Mechatronics I believe is a combination of computer, electrical and mechanical engineering. A mechatronic engineer designs mechanical devices that incorporate electrical, software and mechanical components that result in the development and design of mechatronic or smart products. Examples include a more efficient washing machine, automated robotic assembly lines, cameras, laser printers, photocopiers, stair-climbing wheelchairs, hybrid autos and garage door openers.

Perhaps the most striking example of mechatronics is the development of the Mars rover used by NASA to take samples and photographs of the Martian surface.

Other duties are specified in these job postings:
  • 'The entry-level or junior engineer is responsible for analytical and hands-on involvement in mechatronics, electronics, and software specific to custom-designed modules used in company products.' --ENTEGEE Engineering Technical Group
  • 'The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing advanced active chassis products including air suspension, adaptive damping and active roll control. Will also collaborate with vehicle dynamics group on developing advanced systems.' --ArvinMeritor, Inc.
I think that Mechatronics Engineers can achieve great positions in the technical arena. Other CEans could have better responses to your query. All the best.
@Rakesh Kaimal • 28 Jul, 2012 Hi Tanuj,
I have read your post.I think that you are currently final year M.Tech Mechatronics and i hope that you got some ideas about the job prospectus in this field.Can you mention the job prospectus of this course in India and abroad ,I am planning to join this course next year

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