How do i build a smart touchscreen keyboard?

I am a B.Tech-ECE Final year student. I have an idea for a project.
Basically I want to create a touchscreen device as a replacement for the keyboard and mouse.
The qwerty keyboard on the touch screen display would come up whenever its required, or the user launches it (Like in the smartphones).
Otherwise, the touchscreen keyboard will have the following functions:
The keyboard will have a home button, which would bring up a list of application shortcuts (on the keyboard itself) and touching it will launch the application (Just like in the iphone)
(All these will be displayed on the touchscreen keyboard and the application itself would be launched, by the pc and shown on main monitor.)
The keyboard’s bottom will display a taskbar with running applications for easy switching…
We can also have gestural controls like pinch to zoom, two finger scrolling, swiping with 5 fingers to switch applications/workspace etc…
The list is limitless…
I understand, this is not ideal for windows 7 where almost every thing is achieved by mouse.
May be I could use a touch optimized OS like android, surface, or something u can suggest.
What I want to know is , is the project too big for me? If yes which parts can I eliminate and which can I do?
How do I go about the project? What is required? All ideas are welcome.


  • ar5h4D
    u Can put a pROJectoR device which can proJect a iMage of keyboard where in u can use thr it..
    MOuse is diff i hav no iDea wht it.. wel if u r planning 2 DO suMthng then go thr mouSE bcus keyboard is in Last!!
    This techq is alreaDy in use! abt d keyboarD thing

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