How did you celebrate The Independence day?

We have engineers from over 150 countries. I'd like to know how do you celebrate the Independence day of your nation?

Is it a national holiday? Then, what do you do in those 24 hours? Share with us.


  • gohm
    July 4th and yes it is a holiday. This past fourth of July I went to my sister's house where we had a nice dinner, spent time together and then watched the fireworks that evening.
  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    *Bumping this thread*
  • safwan
    well, here in KSA when we have Indian Independence day we go to school and sometimes to Indian Embassy for flag hoisting .we have school holidy and much more culturule programes in school auditorium.

    when we have Sudi National day we just celebrate in home and on street.
  • smita89
    We have flag hoisting in our college premises which all hostelites are supposed to attend. I just can't EVER make it on time 😔

    However, I had a nice lunch with my friends today. We sang some old patriotic songs in the hostel and felt nostalgic about the war heros. *sob* May they RIP.
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    I don't know where is INDIAn embassy in SYD, so no flag hoisting.
    Infact I am proud to say we and our Pakistani friends had nice time together we just were thinking it was only 60 years ago that we were all together. We wished each other happy independence day watched few flag hoisting videos. It was a good feel overall.
    One of my friends has put up this "Indian friends have a very happy independence day....peace and love is wot we both need...lets strive for it"

    P.S: Do all countries have independence day? Republic day is more common I suppose
  • vishnu priya
    vishnu priya
    August 15th,,
    Yes it was a holiday and was proud to see our national flag going high and had a great patriotic feel!!!
  • Paritosh222
    spent all day at home and i listened to some patriotic songs
  • ilinakona
    In independent day I design my roof by my country flag. Its a tradition. Eat luxury food. And visit some beautiful place.

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