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How can we send sms through some website

As we know there are many websites today like,

where you can easily send sms to your friends for free of cost

Can anyone explain me how these websites work?
A very quick search gives me this
Isn't it interesting ? 😀
SMS Gateway - PHP SMS API, Send SMS from Website (PHP)
Yes, Very Nice link goyal ! Thanks. 😀
optimystix • Mar 17, 2010
well goyal the link you gave is good and explains the technical side of it.

About a year and a half ago, I was trying to figure out a way to send sms completely free and had to research a lot on it. Well, you guys must be thinking(so did my friends here too) why to spend time on such a thing when websites mentioned above are already allowing to post sms for FREE.

Well, that is what many people are confused about. These sites such as Gupshup, buy Bulk SMS packages(can be bought from mobile operators or resellers) in lots of lakhs or even crores from mobile operators. These cost them around 0.1-0.01 paisa when bought in such large lots. They then allow users to send messages free. In doing so they are actually limiting the sms characters to typically around 140 characters and the rest they keep reserved. These reserved chars are used to send advertisements for which the advertisers are paying them. So when SMSs are send in large nos, the profit margin though low, turns out big enough.

Now if you read all that and understood it, then you will agree with me when I say that messages are not therefore totally free. These sites and in turn, advertisers are paying for these 'free' messages we send. Now, what I wanted was to make it completely free for everyone. Infact a desktop software working on AT commands, that will allow anyone to send free sms using net without the need for these websites and thus the character limit. I had prepared the small application for doing so and was testing the connection needed to send them free. That was of course the most difficult part. Sms to be sent are sent through gateways and will charge you if tried to send messages through them. So I was instead exploring the use of open gateways such as Kannel, smsc over tcp/ip routing and SS7 technologies achieve my goal. Theoretically any message before getting delivered will be checked by mobile operator's smsc but going from the cases that I came across the net, there are possibilities of bypassing this thing and that will allow us to send messages free. The success of this method depends on camouflaging the sent message through proper(legal ofcourse) means and sending them. In cases where messages are charged while it is being sent(that is home network), they will not charge us while delivery and that is what will make these messages free.
There are so many things to be learnt for doing this project and it took me weeks to learn all the basics before setting on the actuall thing. Then somewhere I got lost in the muddle and later had to quit cos of internet availability issues. Am waiting for a broadband connection before I can resume it.

Ofcourse I would be pleased if someone got into it along with me(or even without me😛) and correct me where am wrong. maybe i could put up some details in project ideas section or ce labs?? It mite just be a case of exploration at present but there's not wrong in trying!!
philiboy • Mar 17, 2010
exists a lot of sites that allow users to send a free sms.
Check this for example:
cool opti very nice information..Thanks for sharing
nice info opti!!!
really its nice,,thanks goyal..i want more such type of informations.
absolutely as the example we can take of it supports only 80 characters to write and rests 80 are for advertisements...
prernasancheti • Mar 20, 2010
Hi, I am in Third year of engg.My branch is Computer and I want to participate in project compitition. But not getting the topic which will be related with social current issues.So please give me some ideas😎
i think encryption and network security is good for you...
hey prerna this is not the right place to post your query.You can create a new thread and add it to the appropriate section

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