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How can the spare parts enterprises advance and retreat in the cold current of the automobile market?

Question asked by Erica Zhu in #Automobiles on Dec 14, 2018
Erica Zhu
Erica Zhu · Dec 14, 2018
Rank D3 - MASTER

In 2018, the automobile market showed an unprecedented downturn, and most automobile brand sales showed a downward trend. Feilong Jiangli of Chongqing believes that the factors that keep the car market going down this year are comprehensive. Weak economy, lower income of middle and low population and weakening demand of 3-4-tier cities are the main factors that depress the growth of automobile sales this year.

At present, the increment of China's automobile market depends on the urban and rural markets of line 3-4 and line 5-6. The first and second tiers are mainly the demand for old cars to replace new ones, which reflects the growth of quality.

Another important factor affecting car sales is the purchase tax policy. In the past three years, due to the change of purchasing tax policy, the car market has achieved explosive growth, resulting in a large market base in the same period. In 2018, the preferential purchase tax policy was withdrawn completely, and the three-year policy stimulus overdrawn some of this year's sales in advance.

In addition, the uncertainties of import tariffs, the continuous rise in the price of refined oil, and the early implementation of the six emission standards in some regions also make consumers wait-and-see.

Of course, the above reasons are external factors, and the internal reasons of the market itself are the key factors to determine the performance of the car market. The downturn of China's auto market in 2108 also has its deep-seated reasons for its development to a certain stage.

During the cold season, Feilongjiangli in Chongqing seizes the time to upgrade the professional skills of its internal staff, find new growth points of enterprises, open source and reduce expenditure, and spend the winter. Chongqing Feilong Jiangli concentrates on promoting the development and market development of electronic pumps.

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