@rehman dudekula • 02 Jul, 2015 • 1 like
How are the placements at NIELIT Calicut for PG Diploma in Embedded systems ?
@Ankita Katdare • 07 Jul, 2015 Hello @rehman1749 It seems that the college's official website does not list the placement for individual courses.
I looked at their placement history page and found that several big and small companies regularly visit the NIELIT Calicut campus for placements.

Some of the names in Electronics include:
Aristos Electronic Manufacturing Solutions
Bamo Electronics
Bharath Electronics Ltd
Cotmac Electronics Pvt., Bangalore
Fusion Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

Looks like a lot of companies from Bangalore visit the campus for placements.

Are you looking for some particular information about NIELIT placements?
@rehman dudekula • 07 Jul, 2015 Thank you @Ankita Katdare for reply . I live in hyderabad . Is it better to do the embedded systems training in NIELIT Calicut or in VECTOR INDIA Hyderabad , this both institutes are starting new batches in august and september . Which one is better for this course .
@sabeel_ekm • 08 Jul, 2015 @Ankita Katdare Hi i live in kerala n completed btech in ece ..how is the embedded course in NIELT Calicut?
@sabeel_ekm • 08 Jul, 2015 @Kaustubh Katdare awiting for ur reply sir..Can you suggest me some good short course to do after ECE...Is UNIX course better??..Plz Help me in finding courses in Bangalore or Kerala. I also applied for cdac my rank a+b+c is 1260..will i get admission in desd?
@shrddha choudhary • 12 Jul, 2015 how are the placements at NIELIT Calicut regarding PG Diploma in ASIC design and verification ? is it a goof idea to pursue this course or should i look for bangalore
@dhyana029 • 18 Oct, 2015 PG Diploma in ASIC design and verification at NIELIT is all depends on your learning capability....There is no one to teach you verification,but they will provide you good material and you have to practicise it by yourself...They will teach you verilog \RTL in details.If you really want to learn the real things there,then u have to read by yourself a lot and you have to ask your doubt to your co-ordinator,Mr.Jayaraj...He is a guy ,who knows everything (very strong digital knowledge) and very much helpful ...Try to learn from him as much as u can,,which will will make u best the among all......all the best

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