Hot & Emerging Careers In Engineering In The Next 10 Years

The Internet and computers have led to massive job creations for engineers in the last 2 - 2.5 decades. However, the next decade is going to be even more interesting because of the avenues new technological innovations have opened up. I thought of collecting ideas and opinions on what are going to be the hot and emerging careers in engineering in the next 10 years. I'll start off by sharing what I think.


For Computer Engineers

Big Data: You might have heard this buzzword quite a lot of times on the Internet. It's all about effective and efficient management of terabytes of petabytes of data being generated by millions of computers globally. I believe Big Data is going to be a massive job creator in the next 10 years for computer engineers. It's going to involve software, hardware, networking, maintenance and data-center related jobs; apart from regular jobs in software services.

For Mechanical Engineers

Automotive & Robotics : Despite the auto-industry being in shambles globally; I believe we'll see automative engineering related jobs emerging in coming decade. It could come in various forms: electric vehicles, improved transportation systems and even robotics. The world is rapidly moving towards automation and robotics is going to play quite an important role in it. No wonder Google's acquired Google Buys Boston Dynamics - The Makers Of Qudraped Robots - a company that makes innovative robots.

For Chemical Engineers

Nanotechnology: I believe nanotechnology; especially the research field will open up huge job opportunities in the coming decade for chemical engineers. Nanotechnology has unthinkable amount of applications in almost everything you can think of. You can expect a large number of high-paying jobs in this fiend of engineering.

For BioTech & Bio-Medical Engineers

Self-Powered Implants: The biotech and bio-medical engineers should see a ton of opportunities in the field that deals with engineering the nano-machines in human body. Be it a blood-powered pacemaker to PillCam can now be swallowed, says FDA that swim through the human body. This domain is going to open up in coming years and create several high-paying jobs. All you need is some kick-ass expertise in the field.

For Civil Engineers

Green Constructions: I believe the world's faster moving towards ensuring that the constructions we do do not mess up with the environments. This is going to be a vast and emerging field as newer methods of super-fast constructions are developed. The research domain in this field is screaming for quality engineers who can bring in some innovation. Be ready for it!

For Electrical | Electronics engineers

Trapping Non Conventional Energy & Wearable Electronics: For the electrical engineers, the trend is clearly going to be in developing ways to trap the non-conventional energy and convert it into useful electrical energy. In addition; expect the number of jobs to increase in the core domain viz. manufacturing of electrical equipments and components.

The electronics engineers are going to find themselves working on mini-electronics in the coming decade. The corporations are obsessed about making thinner, faster and smarter electronic gadgets and that means the onus lies on electronics engineers to develop smarter circuits. Expect a ton of opportunities in this domain.

For Communications Engineers

Wired & Wireless: The wires are here to stay and so is the wireless. The world badly needs highly connected stuff and can't do without you! I expect more jobs to be created in the 3G/4G and 5G development and implementation. The world's still experimenting with 3G/4G and keeping an eye on 5G technologies for the implementation in the next 10-15 years. No wonder it will produce a lot of jobs in coming days.

Feel free to suggest the domains that you think will be hot and emerging.


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