@Kaustubh Katdare • 07 Sep, 2010 • 1 like
Lot of engineering students have to migrate to another town for engineering course and live in a hostel.

If you've lived in a hotel or live in a hostel; why not share interesting moments with us.

Looking forward to lot of interesting stories 😁
@BCA_GIRL • 07 Sep, 2010 Hi CEans.............really my hostel days are golden memories....................No tension to wake up early....we(me and my friends)were alwqays used to fetch food to hostel from mess(it was not allowed)..............and many other mischeves...........i miss those days very muh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@sushant005 • 07 Sep, 2010 Now i am in third year of my engineering life(B.tech) but spend my last two year in hostel.I never forget those days i spend in hostel.Its really a great experience there with all my friends.I learned a lot from my friends.
The most funniest moment was " when i came back to hostel after vacation it was around 10 Pm i entered my room and put my sweets in my bag .I thought i give these sweets to all my friends next day in the morning but while i was taking rest accidentally one of my friend searched my bag and found that packet of sweet and they distributed among themselves.Then suddenly i got up and saw that all of friends were laughing i thought some funny things has happened and i slept.
But next morning when i open that packet of sweet i was shocked to see that all my sweets was missing except one sweet.Then my friends told me the whole story and the reason for the laughing(they enjoyed after eating up all my sweets except one).it was really a great and funniest moment for me in hostel".

But now i am not in hostel because i am finding lots of disturbance there. Those days was really very nice , memorable and i enjoyed it at the fullest and now i am missing those days.And i also really liked the moment then we all together celebrate one of our friends birthday, we used to play woofers and have dance also.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 07 Sep, 2010 @sushant: 😁

Looking forward to others stories
@Manish Goyal • 07 Sep, 2010 I am a day scholar so i never took experience of hostel life, but one day i got a chance to stay there for one night

That night was most memorable part of my life ,me and my friends did not sleep the whole night ,we watch movies and crack jokes on each other 😀 and even play cricket in room ,we named it as room cricket .
@durga ch • 07 Sep, 2010 i was in hostel for 1.2 yrs or so.
I was the first junior girl to land up in hostel and it was only after 1 week that rest of the jr girls turned up. As you might guessed I did all the hostel hold work, washed, cleaned and what not . Nevertheless it was all good, i became kinda favorite there with seniors and after few days we ended playing rummy and other stuff in hostel rooms and when warden pops in, we would just hid away stuff and I remember that idiotic female complained about me for sneaking out after 9:30 pm, we locked her in for one whole sunday 😁 , it was nice.
@abhishek1814 • 07 Sep, 2010 I am final year BE student.. i still stay in hostel...but m worried that this will be my final days at hostel... hostel life is like never ending joyful days..In my hostel celebrating of birthday was not allowed when I was in 1st yr..but we wanted to celebrate it at any cost... The day before birthday evening around 7 we went and sat at terrace with all tomato, eggs etc stuffs.. we did celebrate it nicely and enjoyed a lot.. the very next day it was black day for us... we were caught by the warden for celebration... they made us stand in hostel ward till evening 7... it was around 7 15 i think..sudddenly current went..we thought this is the best time to skip.. we did skip but not like that only... everyone slapped the warden and ran like hell..... awesome days.. there are still many moments to share..
@Morningdot Hablu • 07 Sep, 2010 I never forget the day 28-June(11 PM) when my 3rd sem examination is on the peak.
And Everyone is concentrated on the books.I wear a helmet take a bicycle and a bucket from ground floor and move to the 5th floor.Drive the cycle goes to every room and and announced that release your tension put down your heaviest book in the bucket and cheer.
I feel that it's realy difficult for anyone to drive the cycle in night.
@rishi0922 • 07 Sep, 2010 WoW so nice memories ...well i too have unforgetable and funny memories spent in my college hostel which often is unforgetable through my life . I have spend 2 years in college hostel. Now i am a day scholar. When i was living in hostel there was so many restrictions for us that not to get out of the college gate after 10:00 p.m, we can't bunk any class and stay in the room because hostel warden come and say not to live in hostel in college hours...but apart with all these restrictions we break all the restrictions and make our law there daily by finding some tricky way...i will not forget those days when if my mood dosen't allow me to go class and to sleep in the room then my roommate go class and lock the door from outside and i sleep in the room without any tension of warden...this was the common way for all of us...I can't forget that grouping in the room and playing cards, making funs of each other, jokes etc....Every night we have attendence in the room and if someone misses in the room then he have to pay fine, we had found a very naughty trick for this problem also, when someone from the room had gone outside from the college and if he will not come at the night then we call a friend from other room and make him sleep in his bed with blanket covered from head to leg, and we make his proxy attendence .....WoW....

Hey guys if i share all the unforgetable moments then surely this post will become a novel .....if i see back to those hostel day then i found that i have left such a funny and ungetable moments of my life which definately i will not get back at any cost in my life ...........

Thanks to Big K for initiating this thread......./
@Ashraf HZ • 07 Sep, 2010 Four years of hostel life for me wasn't so bad. There weren't any curfews within campus at all (though you'll be fined if you enter the main university gate after 1am). Canteens close at 2am, some stores are up till 4am so you can get your late night snack fix. During examination periods, we usually stay back at the faculty buildings (because there's air conditioning =p) for group studies.. and for project submissions, sleep at labs to finish last minute stuff! Somehow the guards who patrol the campus are sympathetic enough to allow us this much freedom, lol.

Well, because of the lack of restrictions (or rather, lack of enforcing a few that exist).. didn't really have much fun adventures like the other guys in this thread. Maybe one incident was when our room doorknob malfunctioned one night and we got stuck in, with another roommate stuck outside. We called the guy who could repair it and it turned out he was on vacation (and not disturb him again!). Alas, we tried myriad of tools to pry the lock (since most of tools were inside, we tossed some outside the window so my friend can try something from the otherside). We managed to get it open finally, but by now we had totally destroyed it.. Took a few days before we got a new one.. which kinda sucked cause our hostels suffer a lot from thefts =(

The rest of the hostel students also set up their own LAN network.. running UTP cables all over the building and even across to other hostels, lol. It was quite a sorry sight, but it allowed some massive LAN gaming and file/movie sharing. It wasn't legal, though the students always claimed it was under the pretense of sharing class notes and other university materials 😉

Probably the thing I hate about staying in the hostels is that once in a while have to shift to another room. Because most guys are lazy to clean.. I usually find some nasty/rotten objects being left behind. At one time the previous tenant of my room once kept a hamster pet in the drawer beneath the bed, completely lining it like a litter box. It wasn't fun to clean all the hamster crap out!

As interesting as hostel life was.. on most weekends, I preferred to drive back home as its only about 40 mins drive. Nothing really beats the comfort of your own home =)
@silverscorpion • 07 Sep, 2010 Hmm.. Nice memories..

I stayed in the hostel for 4 years during my engineering. Wow!! Those days were really carefree indeed..

And yeah, if there are no or few restrictions, then it wont be as much fun.. We had quite a few restrictions though, and so, we had a lot of fun sneaking away for night show cinema and what not..

One incident I remember is, one day, a friend tried to iron his clothes in his room. He switched his electric iron on, locked his room and went away.. After a few minutes, smoke started coming out of the room. We tried to search for him, but he was not to be found. The hostel warden was also not around. He went for his dinner or something. And to top it all, the corridor light was not working and it was dark. We then broke into the room, literally by breaking the door (we tried breaking the lock, but apparently, the door proved to be weaker than the lock.. 😀 ), and switched off the iron. By then, a quarter of his bed and his bed sheets were gone. A couple of his clothes too!!
@silverscorpion • 07 Sep, 2010
i was in hostel for 1.2 yrs or so.
I did all the hostel hold work
I guess "hostel hold work" is the hostel equivalent of "household work". Good one!! ha ha!!
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 08 Sep, 2010 I stayed in hostel for 3.2 years!
Good years, 2 years in Intermediate and 1 year in my Btech and 2 months after getting the job 😉

There are many memories , but the one I remember is , when I was staying in my Btech , I was in my first year and ragging was still there.
A senior visited our room and started ragging , I was in a bad mood I said "Hostel is like our home, do you dare to come to my home and rag us please get out, lets sort out in college" He went away!!

Next I was on leave for 5 days , I got scared..
@CIVILPRINCESS • 10 Sep, 2010 wow! nice experiences😁

but i had never experienced the hostel life.😔 i'm a day scholar. but i once visited NIT trichy for paper presentation and we (me and 3 of my friends) stayed there for two days. we had a lot of school friends there and so we had a lot of fun. the two days were memorable 😁
@smita89 • 23 Sep, 2010 I was in the hostel for all 4 years of my college life. And I believe saying "that was the most amazing, insane and memorable days of my life" is the understatement of the century. Ah well where to start? 😀

My college being all girls, the hostel was a concentrated GIRL zone, where tomboys like me found it hard to get their footing. But, thankfully not everything was pink 😁 My roomies are also my BFFs and partners in crime. They both wanted to pursue MBBS and I wanted to study Civil engr, but couldn't get through and had to enrol for electronics engineering courses instead. Now before EVERY semester exam, we'd sit together (and this was a pattern that never broke) and blame every walking person on earth to have entered engineering 😁 The blame game went on for at least a few hours, our decibels rising with every passing hour till the studious topper next room came knocking at our door to "turn it down a bit please?" Photo-sessions with our grainy resolutions would soon follow to "capture" our frustrations and duly posted online for further embarassment. It normally ended with a maggi party in our room, where we would invite all our friends in the flank and share two packets of maggi between 12 people 😀

We were fooled into buying laptops of *pristine* (read: pathetic) condition from the college with offers of uninterrupted and *FREEE* wifi. That enabled many wonderful nights of camaraderie, watching downloaded movies and latest seasons of all the sitcoms. We also used to chat with each other despite being in the same room. Yep, we were REALLY technology-oriented. And the concept of jugaad was so prevalent, we didn't shy from running up and down the 6 floors of my hostel to get a really old movie which we couldn't find on the internet.

All the festivals were celebrated with equal enthusiasm in our hostel. I'm not just talking of Diwali and Holi, but Friendship day, teacher's day, valentines day (don't get any ideas just because we were all girls 😛), college reopening day, college ending day, Pre-annual function, Post-annual function and.. well.. you get the hint. We had floor parties and we made a proper playlist and had theme dress codes for New year's bash. The dancing went on till midnight or, till the matrons made their way up to our floor and demanded that we stop playing "Beedi jalei le" song for the 15th time (whichever came first).

We weren't allowed access to the rooftop of the hostel for good reason too. it was 7 floors above ground level and the administration was wary that with the engineering suicide level so high... ahem... though, that never stopped us from entering into foreign territories. We marched on with heads held high (literally) and every saturday night we would stay up the whole night to watch the sunrise the next morning and then get back to bed and sleep till 3 pm. After all sundays are SLEEP days! 😀

We had a number of strikes too in the hostel. Once it was because the generators blew off right before the night of an internal exams (I think it was the English paper). It was getting boring in the room, so we decided to jiggle up things a bit and soon enough it was 2500 girls in night suits walking towards the admin building demanding that the electricity be restored. It was 12 mins past midnight at that time 😁

Fun times.. Damn, I miss hostel SO MUCH!
@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Sep, 2010 Amazing stories 😁 Looking forward to more!
@Reya • 26 Sep, 2010 hi i'm staying in hostel for the past three yrs..And now it is the fourth yr..The happy days which i cant forget in my life..Those are the sweet memories of my friends spent together in celebrating birthday party,playing dumb-c,hostel day celebration,fresher's day celebration,farewell,hostel tour,new yr celebration,ragging juniors,friendship day..Goes on like this uncountable one!!
We used to celebrate the birthday parties by cutting cakes,giving bumps and gifts,applying cakes and glitters on each one's face,giving shock to the birthday girl by wearing masks..
awesome days!!
We used to do combined study together on the previous day of the exam..We will have chat on every friday evening specially and watch movies together.
The unforgettable incident was when i was studying 2nd year four members stayed in a room..One of my room mates got a wrong call and my friend picked the call and told hello!
The one who called asked for some person named priya and my friend replied sorry wrong no..Again that person called my friend picked and said hello!That person asked Is this is chennai??My friend told yes and what you want??That guy asked again priya is there??My friend got anxious scolded him like if u call me again i ll report to cyber crime and cut the call..When he called her again i attended the call and told no one is there named priya U made a call to a wrong no..Again he called, my friend attended and scolded him very badly..That person told "U were speaking sweetly when i called you for the last time..Now what happened to u??Can we be friends??I like to be your friend..Hearing that everyone laughed and i fall down from bed without controlling..From that day my friends started teasing me with that guy😀Whenever i get angry my friends say oh u will speak sweetly only with wrong numbers?? and they make me to smile!!
@Ankita Katdare • 14 Aug, 2014 • 1 like This was one of my many favorites threads back in 2010. All heart-warming replies in one place. I have lived in a hostel for 1 whole year and it's all bitter sweet memories. Sometimes you feel all happy because of the freedom, late-night coffee sessions and friends looking after you like a family.. and sometimes when you have to spent 3 hours trying to remove the rain-water clogging up floor of the rooms and having to deal with bed-bugs in load-shedding mode when you have high fever, you just can't help but remember all the Gods you can.

Tagging all the new CEans to share their memories and experiences here.
@Anoop Kumar @Anoop Mathew @A.V.Ramani @Yogesh Borkar, @Olu_Ola, @SarathKumar Chandrasekaran, @lal, @Neeraj Sharma, @Manish Goyal, @avii, @Vikram S Bargah @Harshad Italiya @Rajni Jain @Keerthivasan R @rithu_195 @adinickluv @Praveen-Kumar @Ankit Litoriya @Kishan Gupta @Vishal_lokhande @bobgalle @bharin @Chintan Umarani @Vipin Thomas @i_am_crazy_no_1 @Ankush Garg and all other engineer friends.

If you have ever lived in a hostel, we are eager to read your story!
@Anoop Mathew • 14 Aug, 2014 • 3 likes ^^- All I can say is, the ones you read above were written by Kids (kinda)... 😖😁

Now, Kids, Grand-kids, Great-grand kids, and who-ever in future who's about to read this, welcome to my Ultimate Hostel Memoir 👀:

I . Some Highlights of 4 years at College Hostel [2008-2012] and the list of 'some' pranks(not necessarily) that we pulled off:

1. Been distinctly awarded as the 'First' Room members [that too in the First Week of First Year] to actually get a warning (and almost TC) from the esteemed chairman for stirring havoc at the hostel. Yes, my room-mate found an 'undesirable' part of an 'insect' on his dinner cuisine (Sambar to be precise), creating a stir for the much anticipated student body to 'react' to this utter nuisance. In all the excitement, my 'less-fortunate' roommate 'lost' his new found 'treasure' somewhere in the mess hall. By then the mayhem was uncontrollable, and few windows/doors felt the heat of student bodies creating all the ruckus. Being the only one in that room to fluently communicate the scenario in English, I stepped up to the Chairman (when he naturally came searching for us villians to our room) and explained the scenario to him. He (in natural evidence-less scenario) objected and had us put under 'surveillance' for the next few days, and called us to his office to fire us with 'kind' and 'understanding' words of 'wisdom' 😨. After 2 days more guys came up with more parts of various variety of 'insects' and a 'lizard's tail' [yeah, all on different days of course with proof], and then also there was not much effect from the management (who also ran the Mess back then). Finally, after 1 month, we found our Mess had finally got a namesake door, and mess was privatized.

Long story short, I've lost 32 kgs within the first semester just because of Hostel food [which I had discussed somewhere before]. In the final year of college, I got the privilege to 'felicitate' the same chairman as the Secretary of my Department during a conference.

2. Hostel life was filled with gang fights and ragging in the first year. We had gangs into which we were forced to join, or else we'd be beaten up by all the gangs. So for namesake, the majority would join the gang whichever their senior (who got them the admission) points to. I remember when we were asked to meet up at our gang's location which was about 7 kms from the Hostel. We had jail like windows at the hostel, but since its the ground floor (for us freshers), our seniors had cut a small portion of the hard steel so that we could get our waistlines through it. The steel would be fitted back and no-body would really know it had been cut. Our college being very strict and all about taking first-year students out to gang locations for ragging, our seniors managed to get almost all of us out through various other loopholes (yeah, this options was the one our gang used). We all (we were 150 members of our gang first years) were taken out as batches on Sundays with fake 'Out-Passes' in the name of going to the city (college was in a remote area), and taken to gang locations to be ragged. After initial ragging, the 'brotherhood' is established and we'd work for the gang. It was a different experience trying to 'act' like being part of a gang which was known for all 'activities' even in the news. By second year
about 100 of us left all gangs (to be hunted by all). To this day, no mallu-looking-teenager can walk through those cities reciting my college's name, for he could be beaten from all sides for no reason (even by other college students).....yeah it's a small world...even gangs have allies and enemies😒

3. I was a taste tester back in hostel. My friends have taken a video (don't have it with me) of me testing all the exotics: Aftershave, Soap, Dishwash bars, Old Oils, Perfume, Toothpaste, Liquor, Shoe polish....you name it!. Have written about this somewhere on CE.

4. Some-guys wouldn't give up on 'gossip' and 'picking-on-you' even if you let them know that you're in no mood. As a fresher I was unaware of 'handling' such guys. Finally, after about 2 weeks of mental growth, I started retaliating and fixed them up. Yes, I starting giving back what I got. If you gave me one hit, I would give you one and half; if you cursed me with one word, I would retaliate with two. This became the 'only' option to silence and 'befriend' such guys who 'intentionally' wanted to get into your head. Once you let them know you're equal in terms with them, then they don't really mess with you. Otherwise, no amount of 'advice'/'soft-talk' would work.

5. The Candle-Light coffee experience which I mentioned here was another moment that I cherish.

6. A lot of other memories ring in my ears, but can't remember each of them.

II. Some Highlights of pranks we play at our Paying Guest (hostel atmosphere) now [2012-present]:

1. Wishing Birthdays at midnight to our juniors with left over paint...yes the same paint we use to paint our room (we often get left overs from a friend's shop 😉), most people stop with liquids (good and bad smelling)...but this paint one is sticky and lot more difficult to clean...not to mention the situation when the guy has to go to work/college the next morning, and there's fresh paint smell all over him...yeah, we destroy the bathrooms as well because that's where we'll be spilling it on him, and we make him clean up...what better way to start your birthday huh?😛

2. <thinking>

P.S.: My friends don't call me 'Silent Killer' for no reason 😏
@Harshad Italiya • 14 Aug, 2014 How I missed this amazing thread ! 😐

I spent 3 year of my Diploma engineering in hostel called "Madhav Gurukul". No it's not same as Gurukul shown in Mohabbatein Movie. When I moved out of my city and went to Vallabh Vidhyanagar(Anand,Gujarat) I was bit scared about hostel life and moving away from family. First day I went to visit college hostel with my dad and my dad said this is shit so we moved to "Madhav Gurukul" that was running by some religious trust but I am very impressed by the rector he believe it's not compulsory to follow their rules like prayer and all. I like that 😁

We were three students in one room. One is Ketan - My lifetime best friend.
A small story with that second roommate is coming soon...
@Anoop Mathew • 14 Aug, 2014 @Ankita Katdare : There's more added 😒
@Keerthivasan Ravisankar • 14 Aug, 2014 • 2 likes Sorry Guys i have lot to say here, And I'm Senior to all, I think as of now.!

I have spent quarter of my life in Hostel nearly 8.5 years currently doing post graduate in Mechanical(CIM) @ SRM University,. to say, My hostel life started at the year 2000, i was about to finish my 4th Grade near to my home town itself.

Later My dad took a decision to put me into an Anglo Indian school for the next academic year, which was considered as a best school in south India, i think many of our CE Engineers might have known that school "Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School-Yercadu, Salem Dt, Tamilnadu".Biggest school located in the hill-station.

Before joining the school for 5th grade, entire family of mine went to the same hill station for summer tour, at that time i did know my dad's plan, i was enjoying the tour, during summer seasons the school use to allow public to visit the facilities in and around the school, it looked like heaven inside with all greenery!!.

Inside my mind i taught of staying there itself. And my dad stole my inner taught, and he taught of admitting me there itself. As few days passed after tour, suddenly one day he told you are going to HOSTEL, the situation is as same as 'Taare Zameen Par' I was hesitating to go to hostel.

After he force fully joined me in that school, Going school with down pour of tears for the very first day, Home sick, because of the atmosphere i got after joining there, mode of communication is in English, i got fear because, how do i communicate there in English...,Because of all these things i still remember the joining date to that school '12.06.2000'

-to be continued
@Sumit Thakur • 15 Aug, 2014 Ummm I've never lived in a hostel actually so i can say that I have no story 😀
@Kaustubh Katdare • 15 Aug, 2014 We've hidden gems in this thread! Refreshing reads! @Anoop Mathew 😁
@Ankita Katdare • 15 Aug, 2014 • 1 like @Anoop Mathew Totally hilarious.
These parts -
Yes, my room-mate found an 'undesirable' part of an 'insect' on his dinner cuisine (Sambar to be precise), creating a stir for the much anticipated student body to 'react' to this utter nuisance. I
After 2 days more guys came up with more parts of various variety of 'insects' and a 'lizard's tail'
Your writing style is amazing.
Also, from your 4th point, it becomes a bit clear why hostel guys are tougher to budge than others. 😀

Plus ,You've tasted all sorts of exotics? Oh, how jealous most people would be of you.
@Ankita Katdare • 15 Aug, 2014 • 1 like @Keerthivasan R 8.5 years is HUGE. Surely looking forward to read the 'to be continued..' part. ☕ I am sure you made some friends-for-life back then.
My friends who have been hostelites, speak of their roommates like either soulmates or like family, just closer.
@Anoop Kumar • 15 Aug, 2014 I have been in hostel for just one year hostel during engineering exam preparation.
I think every hostel have unique story about food here are my 2 cents
1. One dinner time we served bringle + potato mash-up, as soon as we ware about to finish the food my friend found a GIANT creature but we kept quite for that moment otherwise half of people would have landed in hospital because it was so disgusting. Later we frowned upon hostel owner and they shifted 20 of us to different hostel.
2. At other hostel, we got company (just like movies) who ware already living . We had some verbal argument. The next day when we came from classes in night after 9 pm, we served dinner, we thought it is Palak Paneer which was actually Bhang Paneer, they added so bhang that it looked like palak paneer.
Intoxination was so much that some of guys ware roaming around the street whole night and we ware out of world for 2-3 days. So again, we summoned hostel owner, they took some action against those guys but we decided to go to some other hostel.
3. In this hostel we lived peacefully, but eating bread+butter and maggi too much makes me hate them, rest of my life☕

Learning from hostel: I think every student should live in hostel for a while, this is different world you got to meet all kind of people. If you want to study you can find a guy in a minute to study with. If you want entertainment there are always some guys will be ready to accompany you. It's depends on you, with whom you want to be with at what time.

@Ankita Katdare • 15 Aug, 2014 Bhang Paneer. 😁😁 😁
What is it about hostel newcomers that they are get hated so much in the initial days? 😲 All sorts of assaults, brickbats, rotten tomatoes are made on the poor souls. 😯

And oddly enough, some of these people later become the best of friends.
@Shihabudheen K • 19 Aug, 2014 Love hostel life 😁
Now its ragging time
@Karthikeyan jaisankar • 19 Aug, 2014 • 2 likes NICE to hear all sweet stories 😀 But mine was started from very sad moment in ma lyf😔 i dono what is happening in the world👎.Because i never came out from my home.when am in out of my home means itz rare.After finishing ma 12th all my friends are told that dont study in your native place join college in city side then only you will get a job and placement will come only in city side😔.This is the worst thaught i remembered a while😒.But my parents are not accepted..Study here itself they told.But i never gave up.Finally i got a seat in a reputed university.😁
I packed all ma things and went to the college mrng class i attended and lunch i ate again attended.after that my parents shifted the things to the room that time only i knowing that i really miss my parents.then my mom cried and blessed me and they went.when the car moves i started my crying..😭😭😭..if i think that moment right now..tears are comming out!!!😳 1week i never went to mess daily 1bread omlette in canteen and juice.After some days goes on.... till now hostel life goes on everyday an memorable day in ma lyf.but the thing is am missing my parents tooo😭.
@Noothan Kumar • 24 Jan, 2020

Now i am studying studying final year in BE Electronics and communication engineering from M S Ramaih institute of technology. I was staying in Government hostel. My hotel life was so joyful and with full of friends from various cities. I met different persons and I saw different knowledgable students hostel.

In our hostel students have different type of actors  like singers, players, lovers, etc..... I really love hostel life. we will be going outing every week or every month and we will be going for Mall located in that city. those days were so amazing and i feel very proud to be an Hostler. Guys be hostler and understand the life...thank you for this question.......

@Swarup Pan • 24 Jan, 2020

There are a very few incidents that didn't happen in my whole hostel life.

Like busted by police, partying in Principal's room, etc.

Instead of these I have done almost everything in my hostel life.

We were 4 friends who stayed for 4 years together. And our flat was called the 'Haveli'.

All kinds of good and bad memories are there in that very room.

There are our juniors in that room staying currently with our legacy.

@Mohana Chandra • 26 Jan, 2020

In my hostel life, there are the moments of both happiness and fightings . I can't forget both the situations. Due to the experience of my hostel life , the great things are, I get to know the value of parents (the greatness of parents) and also understood how well they have raised me up with good values. 

Its always good to experience the hostel life ,which has its own pros and cons, that depends on the individual.

@supriya VN gowda • 26 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

I am staying in hostel from past four years and my hostel experience was so good and enjoyable. My wardens treat us as their own children, whenever we need help they help lot. My friends we're really awesome, we enjoy lot. Our hostel life was memorable. Though we won't have permission to celebrate birthday's in hostel we bring cakes inside hostel, we decorate our rooms and celebrate birthday parties. We won't have permission to share our mess food with day scholars. Even though we take food from hostel without knowing to our wardens and we share food with our friends. Our hostel day celebration will be so enjoying, these week on 29th we have our hostel day celebration, we all are preparing with dances, singing etc. 

We have movie nights, on that day all hostelates watch movie in college campus, it will be so nice to watch movie with all friends. Farewell day will be awesome. We share all our feelings about our seniors and hostel life on that day. 

We order foods during late nights, we cook in rooms. We all sit together and watch movies in rooms. We go for outing during holidays. 

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