Honeywell Placement Patter and pattern !

It has total of Four Rounds,
1. Written Test
2. Technical Interview round
3. Technical Interview round
4. Technical Interview round
5. HR interview round

Honeywell Placement Paper (Technical- DS, Microprocessor, Real-time Systems , operating systems & Software Engineering)

1) Binary search tree is used in
a) sorting b) searching c) indexing d) all the above
2) Given a tree..write the preorder traversal
3) Given an infix expression. write its postfix
4) First general purpose microprocessor
a) 2002 b)4004 c)8080 d)8085
5) What is 8253
6) ____flag is not used in 8085 jump instructions
7) SNMP is used in which layer
8) Banker's algorithm is used for
9) Belady's anomaly is related to___
10) Which of the following is non-preemptive
a) FIFO b) SJF c) Round robin d) all the above
11) A relation in 3NF is in______
12) A question on serializability
13) One SQL query
14) Functional dependency one question
15) The first general purpose microprocessor is ____-bit
16) In a three byte instruction the second byte indicates____
17) Average case analysis for partition exchange sort
18) How the receiver knows to what service the packet to be forwarded?
19) Given a binary sign magnitude no. write its decimal
20) The order in which data is transferred from magnetic disk
Ans:- disk->main memory->cache->h/w register
21) In which layer of the network datastructure format change is done
22) Which of the following allow parallel & serial connections
a)DHCP b)PPP c)IPX d)all the above
23) Given some IP addresses...identify which one is IPv6?
24) Open addressing and chaining is used in
a)sorting b)indexing c)collision-resolution d)none of the above
25) Storage space requirement for diff: sorts in the descending order
26) Which scheduling policy is used in unix..
27) In database which mechanism is suitable for recovery?
a)checkpointing b)indexing...
28) Which of the following is not correct?
a) arrays consume less space
b) linked lists are more complex
c) linked lists use less space
29)which of the following is not correct?
a)main does not have arguments
b)main can have command line arguments
c)main have variable arguments
30) Which of the following is not correct?
a)function can call itself
b)function can have no return type
c)function cannot have multiple return statements
d)function can have arguments
31) When an interrupt is called control is given to..
a)interrupt vector table
b)interrupt service routine

32) Which of the following is not a synchronization tool
a)semaphore b)mutex c)mutual exclusion d)message passing
33) Given a graph write the BFS for it
34) How can u increase ports of a microprocessor?
a)8255 b)8259 c)8253 d)8251
35) What is 8259?
36) Which of the following maintains a constant time(best,worst,average)?
a)searching b)sorting c)indexing d)none
37) In a database a table is stored not is an example of
a)views b)logical data independence c) abstraction d)all the above
38) The time CPU takes to complete the execution of processes____
39) The minimum length of TCP/IP header and IP datagram header
40) Process spawning in OS is__________
41) The topology that uses a central hub is___
42) how to allocate memory for 10 integers and make the contents zeo?
ans : ptr= calloc(10, int value);
43). what will be the output?
void increment()
return x++;
some operation;
Ans : I have not tried… may be error
44). How to free the allocated memory?
Ans : free();
45). How to initialize constant pointer?
46). what is the ouput?
int modifycalue()
int changevalue(x)
void main()
int x=10;
printf("%d", x);
printf("%d", x);
printf("%d", x);
Ans : 11, 12, 12
47)A question on hoe to free the node in linked list in a for loop….
we have to say whether it is correct or not….

What is a Real-Time System ?
What is the difference between Hard & Soft real-time systems ?
What is a mission critical system ?
What is the important aspect of a real-time system ?
Explain the difference between microkernel & macro kernel.
Give an example of microkernel.
Why paging is used ?
Which is the best page replacement algo & Why ?
WHat is software life cycle ?
How much time is spent usually in each phases & why ?
Which one do U want to work if selected in Honeywell ?
the knowledge in testing.
What is testing ?
Which are the different types of testing ?

Why do U want to join Honeywell technologies?
Do U know C++ ?
How good are U in C & C++ ?
Rate U'rslef in both C & C++. ( 1 - 10 marks)

(Queue of events)
What are parameters needed to distinguish an event ?
Have U done any network programming ?
Why networks are layered ?
What is the advantage of that ?
How many layers are there in OSI ?
WHy is it called OSI model ?
Are U familiar with network topologies ?
Which are the different network toplogies ?
Tell an example of bus type network.
I said ethernet.
What is the Bandwidth of ethernet ?
Explain the advantage & disadvantage of ethernet ?
Which is the protocol used in ethernet. (CSMA/CD)
Why is it called so ?
If all stations tries to communicate at same time, what will happen.
What is binary exponential backoff algo ?
What is the advantage of Ring network ?
Compare it with ethernet.
In a real-time system which one do U prefer & why ?
What is the basic requirement of a real-time network ?
Which one is costly - ethernet of ring networks ?
Some questions form OOSD & Digital signal processing.
What is inheritance, encapsulation etc.

1. Tell me about ur self
2. what do you consider as your strength and give an example?
3. Have you ever faced a situation so that you are required to convince your boss and show you did it?
4. Have you ever had a situation, that you could not complete your task in time and how you managed that?
5. Have you ever interacted with the customer directly?
6. What are your achievements?
7. What is your role in your project?
8. Did you ever faced a situation that you have to argue on the other side and how you convinced?
9. what made you to choose honeywell?
and some more questions….
Asked about the percentages & marks during SSC, PDC, B.Tech & MS.
When can U join ?
Who is U'r guide ?
U are from which place ?
Where is it in Kerala ?
How do U perform in the first two interviews ?
WHy have U given Honeywell as dream job ?
Some more personal questions Fourth Round of honeywell test(45 minutes)

The Aptitude Paper:
The aptitude questions divided into :

a) Verbal ability (15 ques)
b) Numerical aptitude (15 )
c) Logical & analytical ability (15)
d) Elementary computer science (10)
d) Programming langauages (20)
e) Operatins systems & Data structures (25)

Verbal ability questions contained 3 parts.
a) One passage is given & U have to answer 5 questions
b) Some words are given & their synonyms have to be written
c) Numerical aptitude & Logical questions were the usual stuff.

1)There are 4 women to cross bridge and Flashlight.One or two women can cross the bridge with the flash light at a time.those have different walking speeds.The pair must walk at the rate of slower pace
woman1:1 minutes
woman2:2 minutes
woman3:5 minutes
woman4:10 minutes
Then what is the minimum required time to cross the bridgeall the 4 women without throwing flashlight?
2)There are cats got together to decide killing the mice of 999919,each cat kills equal no.of mice and each cat kills more no.of mice than cats there were.Then what are the number of cats?
3)the tree grows first day 1/2 of its original size,grows 1/3 of its prevous day size,and grows 1/4 and so on.How many days it will take to grow 100 times to the original size of tree?
4)There is one 40 kg weight stone.How many weights are there such that it can measure any weight between 1 to 40 kg?
5)There is one monkey climbs 3fts and slipsdown 2fts of a tree in 1 hour.Ho much time it will take to reach the top of the tree of 20fts height?

A solid cube of 4 inches has been painted red, green and black on the pairs of opposite faces. It has then been cut into one inch cubes. Following questions relate to the smaller one inch cubes.
1. How many cubes have only one face painted?
(1) 8
(2) 16
(3) 24
(4) 32
2. How many cubes have only two faces painted?
(1) 0
(2) 16
(3) 24
(4) 32
3. How many cubes have only four faces painted?
(1) 0
(2) 8
(3) 12
(4) 16
4. How many cubes have no faces painted?
(1) 0
(2) 8
(3) 16
(4) 24
5. 'Win' is related to 'Competition' in the same way as 'Invention' is related to?
(1) Discovery
(2) Experiment
(3) Trial
(4) Laboratory
6. In a certain code language,
i')Guda buka' means 'Clear water'
ii')Pin gola' means 'Overcast sky'
iii)'Pin saf buka' means 'Clear blue sky'
Which word in that code language means 'Blue'?
(1) Pin
(2) Buka
(3) Saf
(4) Guda
7 . I was born on August 11. Mohan is younger to me by 11 days. This year Independence Day falls on Monday. The day on which Mohan's birthday will fall this year will be
(1) Monday
(2) Tuesday
(3) Sunday
(4) Thursday
8. The flowers in a basket become double after every minute. In one hour, the basket becomes full. After how many minutes, the basket would be half-filled?
1) 30
(2) 45
(3) 59
(4) 58
9. Which of the following will come in place of the question mark (?) in the following letter series?
1) JPL
(2) KPL
(3) JOL
(4) None of these
10. If '+' means '*', '-' means '/' , '/' means '+' and '*' means '-' , then what will the value of 20/ 40 – 4 * 5 +6 ?
1) 60
(2) 1.67
(3) 150
(4) 0
11. There are seven persons up on the ladder. 'A' is further up than 'E' but is lower than 'C', 'B' is in the middle. 'G' is between 'A' and 'B'. 'E' is between 'B' and 'F'. If 'F' is between 'B' and 'D', then the person on the top of the ladder will be
1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D
12. I am proceeding towards North. I take a turn to my right. After some time I take a turn to my left and again to my left. Then I go to my right. After some distance I again turn towards my right. The direction in which I am moving now
1) East
(2) West
(3) North
(4) South
13. A student scores 55% marks in 8 papers of 100 marks each. He scores 15% of his total marks in English. How much does he score in English?
1) 55
2) 66
3) 77
4) 44
5) None of these
14. In a class, 6 students can speak gujarati, 15 can speak Hindi and 6 can speak Marathi. If two students can speak two languages and one student can speak all the three languages, then how many students are there in the class?
1) 21
(3) 23
(4) 24
15. If 'A' runs faster than 'E' but not as fast as 'D' and 'D' runs faster than 'C' but not as fast as' 'B', then the person who runs the fastest is
1) A
(2) B
(3) C
16. A person is to go up a tree 60ft high. In every second, he climbs 5ft but slips 4ft. After how many seconds, will he be able to touch the top of the tree?
(1) 60
(2) 59
(3) 56
(4) 58
Read the following statements carefully to answer these questions:
1)Mohan and Ram play hockey and football.
2)Edward and Ram play football and cricket.
3)Mohan and Rafiq play tennis and hockey.
4)Refiq and Edward play cricket and tennis
17. Name of the who plays hockey, football and tennis.
(1) Edward
(2) Ram
(3) Mohan
(4) Rafiq
18. Name the boys who plays hockey, football and cricket.
(1) Ram
(2) Mohan
(3) Rafiq
(4) Edward
19. Name of the boy who plays hockey, cricket and tennis.
(1) Mohan
(2) Ram
(3) Rafiq
(4) Edward
20. A gets 10% more marks than B. Then B gets
(1) 10% more marks than A
(2) 10% less marks than A
(3) 9 % more marks than A
(4) None of these.
21 .A and B invest Rs.200 and Rs.300 respectively in a business for a period of 3 years, respectively. Then the profit will be divided in the ratio
(1) 4:3
(2) 2:3
(3) 1:1
(4) 6:5
Directions (Q. 22-25): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.
(i) Seven subjects Sociology, Psychology, English, History, Geography, Economics and Hindi are taught between Monday and Friday by five persons A, B, C, D and E.
(ii) Each person teaches at least one subjects. At least one subject is taught every day. No person teaches two subjects on the same day. B teaches Sociology on Wednesday. History is taught by E but not on Monday or Thursday. English is taught on Monday by A. Geography and Economics are taught on Monday and Tuesday respectively. D teaches only one subject Psychology on Tuesday. Geography is not taught by E or B.
22. Who teaches Geography?
1) C
2) E
3) B
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these
23. Which subject is taught on Friday?
1) Hindi
2) Economics
3) History
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these
24. Who teaches Economics?
1) E
2) A
3) B
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these
25. Which subjects is taught on Thursday?
1) History
2) Economics
3) Geography
4) Data inadequate
5) None of these
ANSWERS: 1. (3) 2.(1) 3.(3) 4.(4) 5.(5) 6. (3) 7.(3) 8.(3) 9.(4) 10.(4) 11.(3) 12.(1) 13.(2) 14.(3) 15.(2) 16.(3) 17.(3) 18.(1) 19.(3) 20.(4) 21.(3) 22.(4) 23.(1) 24.(4) 25.(3)


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