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@Kaustubh Katdare • 08 Oct, 2014
We've been comparing various 110cc scooters available in India for about Rs. 50,000 and have narrowed down on Honda Activa i and TVS Zest. Both the scooters are lightweight, offer good mileage, are easy to manage (put on the main stand), offer electric start et al.

I'm personally inclining towards the TVS Zest because of the few points (IMHO) where it scores over the Activa i. I think the Zest has a better storage under the seat and more leg-room for the rider. Plus looks wise - Zest seems to be more stylish than Activa i.

Engine Comparison -

Honda Activa i :
  • 109.2 cc
  • 8 PS Power
  • 8.74 Nm Torque
Scooty Zest:
  • 109.7 cc
  • 8 PS Power
  • 8.7 Nm Torque
Overall - there's not much of a noticeable difference; provided I'm not missing out on something very important.

For me, the things come down to overall maintenance of these scooters. Would love to have a word from the current owners and general reviews / opinions. Thanks!

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