Home made induction motor

hi friends... can you guide me the procedure for home made induction motor


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Get an armature

    Wind it with Cu coil

    Better determine the number of poles you are going to fit

    Casing for protection

    Protection for surge current and stuff also must be there
  • lal
    Do you mean you would like to make one at home?
  • satty lavanya
    satty lavanya
    Do you mean you would like to make one at home?
    yes....i want to make it in my home
  • lal
    That would be a really interesting project. It would be quite a challenge to make an induction motor that could actually be used for some purpose. But, to make a machine which works on the same principle as that of induction motors would not be a tough task.

    Check this video. It is probably the simplest induction motor ever made!
  • Prashant Munshi
    Prashant Munshi
    The first author of this post has not shown the reason why he wants to make induction motor at home and whether an experimental one or to be used to drive some appliance. However he may use a stator of an old fan from scrap to have an hands on experience on rewinding a motor.

    The video shown above in one of the posts shows experimental Induction motor based on split phase principle. I made a similar motor in my school days using a shaded pole principle. The only thing I did was instead of taking two nails (bolts) with windings on it and one of the windings with a capacitor in series, I had used an U shaped stack of stampings for making core (you can get U shaped stampings from an old tube light choke). While having the driving winding in the centre of the U, on one of the ends of the U I had a heavy copper wire short circuited band. It could drive an inverted drinking water glass made of copper (we had one at our home then) over a pivot. No capacitor is needed. The motor works on shaded pole principle.

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