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Home Automation Gang Needed

Question asked by Vishnu Prasaad in #Coffee Room on Mar 16, 2016
Vishnu Prasaad
Vishnu Prasaad · Mar 16, 2016
Hello friends,
I am doing Home Automation Solutions to people based on their requirements and situations. I am looking for a gang (Free Lancers or part time workers) (only south Indian Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka) which is enthusiasm in doing different kind of embedded project tasks. The task related to the projects are Android & iPhone App Development, Server Maintenance, Controller C Programmings and Embedded Programming, UI with HTML5, php, mysql like related technologies, Hardware tasks like MCU schematic and board designing. If any one involved in above mentions fields and self motivated are most welcome.The payment is based on shared amount from the projects if you are fully involved, but sometimes payment is based on partial completed tasks. The payment may be minimal but every one will get enjoyment from the final work and satisfaction of the customer. Interested people mail me at prasaad.vishnu@gmail.com or have a discussion here. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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