hiiii guys


hiiiii!!!!!!! 😀tis s aswathy..... i m a final year student of electronics and communication from cochin....😁


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Hi there: How about re-introducing yourself using this template 😉 ?

    Sections marked '*' are mandatory [​IMG] -


    *Engineering Trade:


    : (Student|Working|Self-Employed|Unemployed; details please!)

    Work Experience
    : (if applicable)

    *Hobbies & Interests

    *Aim in life
    : (if applicable [​IMG] )

    *I joined CrazyEngineers because: Yeh, tell everyone!
  • aswathy_electro
    sorry Big_K... i dint notice the template in the beginning...... i vl do it ryt now....
  • aswathy_electro
    Name: Aswathy

    *Engineering Trade: electronics and communication

    Location: cochin

    : Student.... Rajagiri College in cochin

    *Hobbies & Interests
    : i jz luv driving................

    *Aim in life
    : to be crazy as always.......

    *I joined CrazyEngineers because: there are a lot many people like me here!!!!!! i wanna meet u buddies.......
    Hello. Aswathy!
    Welcome to CE!
  • gohm
    Welcome to CE! There's a breed of chicken named after Cochin and as a kid growing up I bred them.

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