Hidden files in pen drive

I wd like to know ,how one can hide the files in pen drive with a password.Do you need to down load any software for that?What is the PC compatibility requirements?


  • Ashutosh_shukla
    You can hide files normally.If you want to restrict access by password you can use a software like i used one Folder Lock but it was not that great.But you can search on net and i don't think there is any issue of computer compatibility.
  • nileshchakkar
    Guys ..
    I think Magic Folder is best software 2 secure our data private bz no one can hack it uptill nw even i tried it many times but i cant ..
    Very simple way to use it just hide ur folder as u press button n then no one can see it where the folder the is ??
    so just go through a magic folder

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