😀 HI friends
i m a new comer
so plz tell me how can i get benefit from this site.............


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    😀 HI friends
    i m a new comer
    so plz tell me how can i get benefit from this site.............
    Hi Rishabh,

    Welcome to CE. You can get benefited from this site in many ways. First of all, you have access to thousands of brilliant & crazy engineers from all over the world who are willing to help you with everything that you need to know.

    You can participate in various discussions and keep yourself updated new ideas, latest happenings, technology etc.

    Above all, you're being a part of team that is changing the world

    ps: Before you post further, I encourage you to go through our lectures 1-4 in our newbie training center. Please avoid slangs / sms text in your posts.
  • gohm
    Hi m rishabh jain!

    You can also have some fun, chat with like minded people & learn new ideas/viewoints. Interaction allows not only you to benefit from the site but the site (and all those on it) also benefit from you.

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