hi guys i am trying to slove a problem

i have writeen the code in c language and it works fyne in my local machine. when i tried to execute in the remote machine in my competetion it show some "SEGEMENTATION ERROR" is there any thing that you can say about it. use the codemaina___X.c as your file for execution ....i tried the execution in TC in windows and it works fyn .. problem when i am trying to run in solaris ....the env and details you cna found in the LATEST problem document


  • Pensu
    Segmentation error normally occurs when you try to access a memory location which CPU cant address. Its one of the hardest error to locate and remove. I havent seen you code but i will advice you to check your code thoroughly, may be you are using some invalid memory reference somewhere.
  • Rakesh Chaudhari
    Rakesh Chaudhari
    i am agree with PENSU
  • bhaskarreddy006
    thanks for the support guys actually its an automatic testing software that is going to evaluate the code with different set of test cases... i forget to give the input using the command line arguments. thanks you pensu

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