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limestone7000 • Feb 9, 2010

hey i need an Op-amp internal circuit!

i need to build an Op-amp,
so i need the internal circuit of an Op-amp

my frnd suggested me 'Motorola MC1530'
i just had a look at it, it had around 14 NPN transistors, and a huge bundle of resistors. Also, it(resistors) didn't have standard values, so the 'electronics' shop-keeper claimed that she didn't have resistors of those values!

now i can use 2 or more resistors in series(or parallel), to sum up to one resistor in the circuit, but as i have to implement it only on one breadboard, it'll be too congested!!!😕

so if u got a simpler model,😛 with lesser hardware components, pliz do me a favor by telling me atleast the model name of that Op-amp!
cooltwins • Feb 9, 2010
how about this circuit?

Inside the 741 Op-Amp
i think u should go with MC1530 as it is less comlicated then 741op-amp.
how about PSPICE simulation?
you can create your own circuit description for your own op-amp.
this can be done by just focussing on the op-amp model.

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