Here comes the Gmail Man.

This is a parody video which was made by Microsoft office 365 team. This video shows how a Gmail Man peeps into everyones mails to provide better ads.



  • Carla22
    windows... good? *cough *cough
    but seriously, the last time Microsoft were 'good' was back in the 1980s.
    But their competition has just been too uncoordinated to break their monopoly.

    At least GMail man goes to work. I heard MicrosoftMan is sleeping in over the hangover called Outlook.

    I would use gmail over anything, it works, its easy, and the adds are small and kinda relevant.
    Also it's a server reading my mail, not a person, its not going to walk into my office and yell PORN?!

  • cabbicheng
    😲want to know more

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