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  • geococeo

    MemberAug 15, 2008

    generally i have a need for something before i have an idea of how to make it and by god i have no need for a money counting machine!! rather i might need a lack of money counting machine! sorry, anyway there are a plethora of them out there i dont know how they are made but the best ones surely use scanners and some kind of sticky rollers set up?? google it or go look at one in the sharper image or something maybe?
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  • Differential

    MemberAug 16, 2008

    i wanna make a money counting machine . plz someone help me.
    We surely would like to help you ! but what kind of help you need in that ??
    You have got a nice idea ! Please be specific on what you need help on so as to receive more specific answers.
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  • gohm

    MemberAug 18, 2008

    To be effective it would not only need to count the quantity but also scan the denomination and recognize counterfeit/non money via weight, size, paper & ink composition. Now making a counter-only would be much easier, leaving you to sort the denominations and add the value.
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  • greenthumb25

    MemberOct 12, 2009

    If you can calibrate a computer to recognize different weights and sizes via a dynamic weight detector, maybe you could make your own counting machine. it will be tricky though and you will need a bit of coin to pull this one off. a lot of fabricating for the right sizes and machanisms etc etc. it is doable though. try researching on how the old money counters work. good luck.

    anyway, here's a link that might help.
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