help required with my project ty - voice activated RC car

I am doing a voice activated RC car.
I am using the SR-06 voice recognition kit
I have set up the kit, and started to traing the circuit
I have a regular rc car with digital controler
i am kind of stuck, and need to know what to do, i want to now which interface i will be using and how. and will i be needing a computer for the project?
i would like someone to help me through the project, i am also willing to pay.
Thank you


  • xheavenlyx
    First tell me did you read the instructions with the provided PDF file??? If so, it is clearly shown how the 4027 de-MULTIPLEXER is working.

    If you go doubts in the pdf file ask here, its a huge task, if you really cannot make head or tail then consult someone in your college.

    Read the file, and try to figure something out. Post again.

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