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Koulick Sadhu
Koulick Sadhu • Oct 12, 2018

Help required in Python programming

Hello. I have a doubt regarding python programming. Suppose I enter two numbers A and B. Now in the next line, I take input of A  separated integers S(i),i-th of them denoting the marks of i-th team. How to check and print the number of integers S(i) which are greater than or equal to B?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 13, 2018

I didn't quite get it. Is input 'A' a series of marks for team Si? Like S1=30, S2=32, S3=40, S3=40 and Input B = 35; and then find out how many teams have marks greater than 35? 

Koulick Sadhu
Koulick Sadhu • Oct 13, 2018

Koulick Sadhu
Koulick Sadhu • Oct 13, 2018

Yes that what you told. Print the no of teams whose  marks are greater than 35( B=35).

Koulick Sadhu
Koulick Sadhu • Oct 13, 2018

No sorry Kaustubh. Thats not what I meant. Please ignore the last comment. I meant that, i input two integers A nd B. Let A=5,B=2. Now I input A separated integers(Si), i.e. 5,6,2,7,9. Also ith team has ith marks, i.e., team 2 has 6 marks. Now B=2 means that it is corresponding to team 2, i.e having 6 marks. Now I have to find the total number of teams having marks greater than 6.

Likewise, if we put B=3, it corresponds to the 3rd team, having marks=2. Now we have to find the total  number of teams having score greater than 2.

Hope you got it. 

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