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sheltabrisk • Feb 12, 2007

Help php

hello friends

i studing php but could not know the application .any body tell how to use php in web programming.i want decide devlope the one project tell some project headings
davidc2p • Feb 16, 2007
wow, this is a vaste question! could you be just a bit more specific?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Feb 16, 2007
I agree with David. sheltabrisk, it would help if you elaborate on what you want to do.

Is it that you only want to know about the applications of php?

-The Big K-
simplycoder • Aug 19, 2011
@sheltabrisk: Since you are starting up with php, you should know how to declare variables and math operations.
you can then be in a position to design a web-page which has some php-code in it.
Learn how to take input from the textfields and how to use submit button.
The basic assignment is you can make a php calculator. If you are interested, you can also try your hands on sudoku solver, sudoku generation is a bit difficult as compared to solver.
Later on learn some MySQL and then how to link web-page to MySQL database or for that matter any database.
simpler assignment might be creating a registration/login form, this will teach you basically how to insert and retrive the data from database.
Larger assignment would be.. Build a complete website using php-mysql!
Let me know if you want some particular help.I shall try to help you out.
-Thank you.

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