help needed !!!

im an electronics and communication engineer...i have completed my graduation and due to my low percent (lower a bit than 60)..i do not compete through i need sm help regarding companies for 59 % in grad...can CCNA help me getting a better opportunity....plz guide me and any other suggestions are cordially invited.....


  • anupam011
    why is no one able to help guys...i need to hear from u
  • vissin
    Anupam, your BE percentage more or less matters only as far as you are still considered a fresher. Once you have some experience behind you the experience will mater more than your BE records (which will only be seen as a formality then). So don't worry too much about your low percentage.

    Identify what is your strength. And if you can do some course to further accentuate your strength that will be all the more good. Be confident of yourself and pursue a career in the area that you're best at (IT, Automation, Instrumentation, Embedded...)

    Be patient, it may take it's toll on you till you find a good job. But once you have a job that you're comfortable with your success is undeniable considering the present economy.

    If you think networking is the field you should pursue, CCNA may serve you well. In any case, it is very much likely that you'll have to struggle in the beginning of your career. Brave it. There's no shortcut to success.

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