Help needed for presentation selection in E&C

hi i'm new here and i'm currently doing my 4th sem for btech in E&C.

i would like to do a paper presentation on anythin within the field of E&C.Anythin that relates to my area of interest ie. solid state devices and junction theory would really help.

Please suggest some topics.

Some ideas i have were regarding FPGA, light slowdown,(thanks 2 abishek41 for that!),quantum cryptology, etc.

somethin that is going to be a revolution & has tremendous impact or that is application oriented is much appreciated.

my request is time sensitive.please suggest a topic.i'm willing to research it on my own(i prefer it that way too).links are always helpful though!!:wink:

by the way i LOVE this place!! gr8 thing 4 all engineers!:grin:
thanks fellas!


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