Help me solve this quiz

We have total 100 rs and we need to buy exactly 100 pens. The prizelist for pens is as follow:
1) Blue pen = 0.5 rs
2) Black pen = 4.5 rs
3) Red pen = 9.5 rs
But you have to follow these conditions
-> you have to spent all 100 rs.
-> you have to buy exact 100 pens.
-> you have to buy all three pens. That mean you cant buy any specific kind of pen. So you must have all three kind of pen when you finish the buying!!!!


  • vinci
    .5Rs pen= 90
    4.5Rs pen =8
    9.5Rs pen = 2
    hence solved 100rs=100 Qty. of pens
  • vinci
    have some more riddles? post here
  • akash6448
    A and B do a work together in 6 days. If A works alone, it takes 10 days. Then how many days B takes to complete that work?
  • Sagar07
    B will take 15 days..........

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